Apr 12, 2013

I love American Idol.  Well, I love the concept of American Idol.  But I'm so disgusted with Season 12, I'm rethinking why I still watch the show.

American Idol used to be a singing competition with 3 judges critiquing the Idol contestant's performances in order to help them succeed.

Although blunt at times, the Idol judges gave real, constructive advice to the Idol wannabes.

Fast forward to Season 12 of American Idol.

We now have 4 judges for whatever reason, 2 of which are too nice, 1 who is honest, yet gets flack from America, and 1 that is blatantly rude and mocking.

We also have Jimmy Iovine who is suppose to be a mentor, but is rude and insulting.

American Idol Judge Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson is the veteran American Idol judge.  He's been around since season 1.

He used to really care for the Idol contestants, but since taking the seat of head judge when Simon Cowell left, his demeanor has turned to ridicule and mocking of the contestants.

Some of Randy's less than helpful critiques include:

"dude, dog, really, OMG, honestly, that was terrible" after Gurpreet's performance.

"you did a good job.  Not your best performance, however" regarding one of Janelle's performances.

A couple of blatant rude remarks Randy has made recently:

"slightly better than the last time, but the girls are crazy good" after Lazaro's performance.

" I love that you came after the last performance" after Kree's performance who came after Lazaro.

First, what does telling Lazaro that the girls are crazy good have anything to do with HIS performance?  No helpful advice, no critiquing, nothing Lazaro can take away to better himself.

Randy's remark to Kree was nothing more than mockery of Lazaro's performance.  Again, what does that have to do with HER performance?

Randy Jackson may be a big time producer, but his days as head American Idol judge should be over.

American Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine
Which brings me to Jimmy Iovine, the so-called mentor on American Idol.

Jimmy loves to blame America for "getting it wrong" every week.  If he was any kind of mentor, he would accept part of the blame.

However, he blames everybody else.  For instance:

Jimmy went on a childish rant bashing not only the Idol contestants, but Idol judge Nicki Minaj as well.

He basically called Lazaro a liar when Lazaro claimed he had 1 day to learn the song.  I believe him.  Jimmy also had harsh words for Nicki when she said Lazaro had to stop listening to Jimmy, because he puts doubt in Lazaro's mind and destroys his confidence.

Nicki and Randy both lashed back at Jimmy to TVGuide.com, but Jimmy has already done damage.

American Idol is tanking fast, and the only way to redeem themselves is to hire judges and mentors who really care about the Idol contestants.

It's time to get back to the original American Idol singing competition.

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  1. I really miss Paula and Simon. I can't stand to hear Nicki talk. Whenever she says anything, I mute the TV! I like Keith and Mariah. Randy, however, has gotten really rude. Lastly, Jimmy. He is disrespectful to the contestants and the people who vote. Idol is seriously going downhill. I don't think I'll watch next season. I'm more into The Voice and XFactor now.

    1. I totally agree with you. Randy and Jimmy are ridiculous. I hope Idol gets rid of these 2 next year.




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