Mar 22, 2013

Tonight is another American Idol Results show.  I don't think it will be much of a surprise.  Unfortunate, but not a surprise.

Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo will be here tonight and so will former American Idol contestant Casey Abrams.

American Idol Jessica Sanchez and NeYo perform
Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo performance

We have to listen to Jimmy Iovine's childish rant.  I'm sure this is all geared to Nicki telling Lazaro to not listen to Jimmy.

He basically called Lazaro a liar when Lazaro said he only had 1 day to learn the song.  Jimmy then bashed Nicki's comment of Jimmy making Lazaro nervous.

Remember back when Lazaro truly performed with confidence, until Jimmy put doubts in his mind.  Yeah, Jimmy is no mentor.

He then went on to bash the rest of the guys.  Burnell not being prepared for a Beatles song he's never heard, and Paul Jolley not ready for prime time.

Jimmy also said Angie is too dramatic and he doesn't get why everyone says how great she is when there's clearly something wrong that we need to fix.

Thank goodness he's done.  Let's get to why we're here.

Casey Abrams is performing a Beatles song.  I still don't get him.  He so messed up a very good Beatles song.   He still creeps me out.

Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo perform!  Awesome!!!  Jessica was my favorite.  Not gonna lie.  :)

American Idol Results!

Paul Jolley is in the bottom 3.  Must sing for his life. No save, not surprising.  :(
Devin is in the bottom 3, but safe.
Lazaro is safe!!
Kree is safe!
Candice is safe!
Angie is safe!
Janelle is safe!
Burnell is safe!
Amber is in the bottom 3!  but safe!

I'm disappointed that Devin is still in and Paul is going home.

What are your thoughts American Idol fans?  Did Jimmy's childish rant put a bad taste in your mouth like it did mine?

I think Ryan Seacrest should jump ship because American Idol is slowly crumbling.


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