Jun 14, 2013

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So far, this is what we know of the American Idol shake up.

Idol judges Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Nicki Minaj are definitely out.  Keith Urban says he knows nothing on his fate.

American Idol producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick are also out.

We know American Idol is cleaning house and hiring new faces.

Jennifer Hudson is definitely on-board as an Idol judge.  Rumors state Adam Lambert is a consideration, but Adam says he has not been approached.  However, Adam also says he would be very willing to sit on the Idol judges panel.

Another rumor states Jennifer Lopez is in the running, as Ryan Seacrest had a secret meeting with her.  However, J'Lo sources say she has no intention of becoming an Idol judge again.

We also know Per Blankens has replaced Idol producers Nigel and Ken.  Per Blankens is the producer of the Swedish version of Idol.

So, we have one American Idol judge and one producer.  We still need 2 more to sit at the judges table.

I really hope Adam Lambert fills one of those chairs, as I think he could bring some humor to the show.

There's still work to be done, but it has definitely been an American Idol shakeup!!
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