Aug 2, 2013

Keith Urban American Idol Judge

American Idol will have a familiar face in January 2014!!!

Yes!  Keith Urban will be back for another season!  He is the only American Idol judge that didn't get the axe, and I'm excited!

Fox network president Kevin Reilly confirmed the news on Monday.

Jennifer Hudson has signed on to be at the American Idol judges table, so who will be the third?

Kevin couldn't confirm anything other than they are in talks with Jennifer Lopez.

Earlier rumors for the judging panel included Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, and Clay Aiken.  So far, these are just rumors.

What do you think?  Are you excited to see Keith Urban back at the American Idol Judges table?

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  1. I cannot stand Jennifer Lopez and her immature attitude and insecurity when it comes to Harry! She acted like such a child last night - sticking out her tongue, making faces, etc. Harry, it is so nice to FINALLY have someone sitting on the panel that TRULY knows about music and isn't afraid to BE HONEST to the contestants. Lopez knows how to dress, wear makeup but when it comes to music, sound, band, lyrics, etc. Harry you have it hands down. God bless you for keeping your cool next to that fool of a little girl that sits in the middle. She has finally shown her true colors and her insecurity of NOT KNOWING MUCH about MUSIC and ALL that goes into a song. Go Harry!

  2. I absolutely agree with your comment and views about J'Lo.




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