Mar 23, 2013

American Idol judges 2013

American Idol Judge Nicki Minaj is hot, after listening to Jimmy's Childish Rant on
Thursday's results show.

Jimmy had harsh words for the Idol judges; Nicki in particular.  He had harsh words for the remaining Idol contestants as well; Lazaro in particular.

Well, Nicki isn't taking it lying down, and I for one am glad!

Here's what Nicki told TV Guide:

"I wish he would just zip his lips and let America make their own decisions," says Nicki Minaj, who argues that Iovine's negativity may be impacting the results. "Because he comes down very hard on Lazaro [Arbos], America keeps voting for him. You don't want to force a decision down [viewers'] throats because they're going to feel compelled to rebel."

 Believe it or not, Nicki isn't the only one speaking out about Jimmy's rant.

Randy Jackson had this to say:

Randy Jackson is pushing for a more constructive dialogue between the mentor and the dais. "They've got to open up our mics so we can come back at him. And we should judge Jimmy!" he suggests.

Hopefully they find a new mentor soon.  The Idol contestants need mentoring, not badgering or belittling.

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