Mar 28, 2013

american idol contestants Kree and Janelle perform duet

It's American Idol Motown!!  My home state, so I'm excited!!

Smokey Robinson is in the house!!!!

Candice is up singing I Heard It Through The GrapevineSmokey is excited!!  Perfect song for bluesy Candice!

Keith - fantastic!  You raise the bar. 
Nicki - you kept your eyes through the whole performance and that was awesome;
Randy - you believe you belong in this competition.  Amazing...  Effortless.
Mariah -  it was you, just straightforward.  Excellent.

Kree and Janelle will do a Madonna song.  Like a prayer.

Keith -  you both sang great.  You have 2 different voices.
Nicki - wow, slamming Janelle. 
Randy -  pitch got away from you.
Mariah - this was a sisterhood moment. Kree sucked up telling Mariah Happy Birthday.  Low blow, Kree.

Ryan says it was just for fun.  If it was, why did the Idol judges critique it??? 

Lazaro is next.  For Once In My Life is his song choice.  Smokey is giving him confidence.  Ohhh, now Jimmy is agreeing with his song choice.   There's Lazaro!!!  Back to his old self!  Love it!

Keith -  I want to give props to Smokey!  Yeah!!! 
Nicki -  you're definitely back.  You gave everything to me tonight.  I told him to not listen to Jimmy anymore and see what happens?
Randy -  last week me and Jimmy gave you a hard time, but this is far better than last week.
Mariah -  smart song choice.  Your courage shows you're back.

Janelle chose You Keep Me Hanging On..  Smokey is excited, Jimmy is still bitching at his help.  UGH!  Sitting on stage with a guitar.  Let's see if the Idol judges see any pitch problems with this.  A slower version of the song and it's fantastic!

Keith -  you should be a solo.  That was beautiful.  You're fearless.
Nicki -  you always shine when you have your guitar in front of you.  You've been smiling more today.  You look amazing, but I don't think your voice is how it always is.
Randy -  I absolutely loved it.  This is one of your best performances.  She's in it to win it.
Mariah -  that was you at your finest.

Devin is singing The Tracks Of My Tears.  Smokey's song.  Love this one, but Devin is so stiff.   Lost in the song.

Keith - you got such style...  you need to stop thinking about it and just relax in the song.
Nicki - that was an amazing job tonight.
Randy - I believe Devin is back tonight.
Mariah - I loved it.

Candice, Angie and Amber are up.  "I'm Going To Make Me Love You" is what the Idol Gods are having them sing.  We have to sit through a critique by the judges.  Why?  No idea.

Keith - no comment
Nicki -  no comment
Randy - no comment
Mariah - I loved it. 

Burnell is up with “My Cherie Amour”.    Off key and killing it...  and not in a good way.  When the beat picks up, you can see him struggle. 

Keith - I love everything about your voice.
Nicki - you reminded us why we fell in love with that voice.
Randy - I love your choices.
Mariah - I love to see you standing there, debonair.

I don't think the American Idol judges heard the same song.

Angie is singing Shop Around...  a Smokey Robinson song.  He gave her so much advice.  Jimmy tried to butt in, but Smokey was Smokey.  He's so good.  And she's following Smokey's advice which is to have fun with the song.

Keith - the melody kept pulling you down.
Nicki - you came out to show another side of Angie that you don't need to show.
Randy - this was strange for me.  First time ever you were so pitchy. 
Mariah -  I would have rather heard you at the piano.  I'll Be There would be perfect.

Amber is up.  Singing a Stevie Wonder song.  Put her heart and soul into it.  Very powerful performance!  The Idol judges gave a standing O!

Keith - you picked the right song and you felt it.
Nicki - that was just out of this world.
Randy - the best vocal of the night!
Mariah -  I loved it. 

Burnell, Lazaro and Devin perform "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" and it's awful!  It was so bad Nicki told them to get off the stage, and she's going to forget she ever heard them.

Kree wraps up the night with an Aretha Franklin song.  Smokey was so impressed with Kree's rehearsal, he said he was going to call Aretha and have her watch the performance.  Excellent performance and she's really connecting with the audience!

Keith - your voice is Country in the most beautiful way.
Nicki - your confidence never wavers.
Randy - it wasn't perfect tonight, but you are one of the best in the competition.
Mariah - commends Kree for doing this song.

That's a wrap! Which American Idol contestant stood out and which one is going home?
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