Mar 20, 2013

Tonight it's the American Idol top 9 performing Beatles songs!

Ryan Seacrest starts the show with some results.  Aubrey and Charlie Askew join him on stage.  And with the dimming of the lights....

Aubrey won the vote of fan favorite, so she'll be joining the rest of the American Idol contestants on the Idols Live Tour!

American Idol contestant Kree performs a Beatles song
Kree starts the show tonight performing With a Little Help From My Friends.  She's got a very strong voice.  Kree isn't my favorite, but I really like this performance.

Keith - that was a great way to start. 
Nicki - I like that you put your Kree-dom to everything you sing.
Randy - I think it was the bomb, too!  You blew the vocals out of the water.
Mariah - I thought it was fan-fricking-tastic.

American Idol contestant Burnell Taylor
Burnell is next.  He chose Let it Be.  I'm not sure if I'm liking this performance.  It seems like his tones are all over the place.

Keith - beautiful, man.
Nicki - you didn't even sing the song, you caressed it.  I thought I was in church.
Randy  - this is the mark of a great singer and a great artist.
Mariah - I was really proud of you.  You are always consistent.

American Idol Contestant Amber Holcomb
Amber is 3rd tonight.  She's Leaving Home is her song choice.  I'm not familiar with this song.  It's a slower song and she has quite a few violins backing her.  Her voice is terrific, though!

Keith - that's my favorite Beatles song of all time.  You made it sound fresh.  It was beautiful.
Nicki - your vocal is unmatched.  Don't look defeated, your vocal is amazing.
Randy - it started a little slow and unsure, but once you hit the middle, your power chords come out.
Mariah - it was fearless and fantastic.

Lazaro  chose In My Life and I'm not sure if I know this one either.  Oh, yeah, I remember it.  LOL  Jimmy Lovine says he's trying something different with the song.  He's got a great voice, but for some reason he looks more nervous tonight.

Keith - choosing the key of a song is really important.  That was the right place for you.
Nicki -  you are still aren't back to the old Lazaro.  Your confidence is lacking.  I need you back.
Randy -  that was your worst performance ever from you.
Mariah - it's hard to do a Beatles song.  I commend you on your bravery.  It was a little bit low for you.

American Idol contestant Candice Glover
Candice is up performing Come Together.  I love this song!!!  She is so amazing!!  She's killing this song!  I love her!!!  Keith's singing along with her.  lol 

Keith -  I love seeing you in this whole other vibe tonight.  Absolute killer!
Nicki -  I love your vocal.  Insane, crazy, out of this world.
Randy -  the voice is crazy!! 
Mariah - it was like a prize fighter.

American Idol contestant Paul Jolley
Paul Jolley chose Eleanore Rigby.  He seems disconnected.  Some of those notes were very high for him. 

Keith -  I wasn't a big fan of the falsetto note at the end.
Nicki -  I like them skinny jeans.  I did not like your performance.  Very safe, bland, and forgettable.
Randy -  I thought you were disconnected to the song.
Mariah - great song choice. 

American Idol contestant Angie Miller
Angie will perform Yesterday.  It's a slower song, but a very good one.  She has such an amazing voice.  I can see her and Candice in the finale.  They both deserve the Idol crown.

Keith -  you're in there the whole time.  You are Angie.
Nicki -  unbelievably amazing.  You showed us your range all the way through.
Randy -  you're one of my favorites in the whole competition.
Mariah -  you did a very respectful version of the song.

American Idol Contestant Devin Velez
Devin is up next. The Long and Winding Road is his song choice.  I'm not a fan of Devin's I'm afraid, so I'm secretly hoping he does great.  He's doing a pretty good job.  Nothing special.  Just simple singing, which works for this song.

Keith -  I love your voice.  I'm missing an emotional connection with you.
Nicki -  I like how you are committed emotionally.  That was truthful.
Randy -  I think Devin is back tonight.  You can sing anything.
Mariah - you never cease to amaze me.  I don't have words.  That was so good.

American Idol contestant Janelle Arthur

Janelle wraps up the show tonight with I Will.  It's a very subtle song.  She's doing incredible.  She's so cute and bubbly.

Keith - you have that Country thing in your voice which is beautiful.  You're true.  Beautiful, baby.
Nicki - can we renew our vows tonight?  You look like a beautiful swan goddess.  You are great, little girl.
Randy -  I think Janelle is back tonight.  That was one of the best performances of the night.
Mariah -  you're so sweet and gorgeous and gave such an elegant performance.

That's a wrap!  Which Idol stood out tonight?   Which American Idol contestant will leave tomorrow night?  Vote now!

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