Mar 14, 2013

It's the American Idol Results show.  So much talk online who is going home.  But what I've been reading, the majority thinks Curtis Finch, Jr drew the unlucky straw.  What an upset that would be!

Let's find out!!

Phillip Phillips and Bon Jovi perform tonight!

Bon Jovi on American Idol

Bon Jovi is looking old, but I still love him!  LOL

He's still got what it takes.  Or at least he's entertaining!!

Phillip Phillips back on American Idol

Phillip Phillips is up.  Not too sure about this American Idol winner.  Still wish it would have been  Jessica.

Curtis is singing for his life.  Ridiculous.

Randy said it wasn't a unanimous decision.  Nicki said the American Idol judges didn't have enough time.  Translation:  Randy and Mariah voted Curtis out.

American Idol Results

Devin is safe!
Janelle is safe!
Candice is safe!
Kree is safe!
Lazaro is safe!
Amber is safe!
Burnell is safe!
Paul Jolley is safe!
Curtis is going home.

This was another American Idol frame.  The Idol judges want a girl to win, and they're out to get rid of the strong guys.

Next week, we'll probably see Paul Jolley go home.  Ridiculous.


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