Mar 13, 2013

The American Idol top 10 compete head to head tonight!  Which one will be leaving?  Vote below!

Tonight's theme?  Songs made famous by past Idol winners!

American Idol Curtis Finch, Jr
Curtis Finch, Jr will perform "I Believe" - Fantasia.  Flashy jacket!  Wow!  

He's got a great voice, but I just don't see him winning the American Idol crown.  He's doing a fantastic job and he's very personable.

Keith - you always pick the right songs.  You've got so much personality, but you were singing over the song a bit.
Nicki - stuck in traffic.
Randy - a couple things were great.  I caution you to try something different.
Mariah - I was happy you had the choir feeling tonight.

American Idol contestant Janelle Arthur
Janelle Arthur chose "Gone" - Scotty McCreery.  She is also very personable and has a fantastic voice!  She can definitely be an Idol contender!

Keith - asked if she was feeling ok.  That was a great performance.
Nicki - last week's song suited you better.  I want you to show your pretty side of your voice.
Randy - the song didn't lead anywhere.  Not the greatest song choice.
Mariah - your aura was giving us a star, like you've done this for years.  I love your raw quality.

American Idol contestant Devin VelezDevin Velez is next.  He looks very stiff on stage.  I don't feel a connection at all.  He's got a great voice and all, but he just doesn't "wow" me.

He's singing "Temporary Home" - Carrie Underwood.

Keith - not one of your better performances.  Not a great song choice.
Nicki - disagrees with everything Keith said.  This is you; this is your comfort zone.
Randy - I thought it was way too safe.  I didn't like it.  You got to go for broke to win this.
Mariah - you have the ability to do so much, and we expect a lot from you.

American Idol contestant Angie Miller 
 Angie Miller will perform "I Surrender" - Kelly Clarkson.  Angie is a favorite among Idol fans.  I think she can pull it off.

She's doing a fantastic job.  She also seems a bit stiff tonight.  Beautiful voice!

Keith - I surrender, Angie.  You are such an artist.  You can take any song and make it current.  You knocked it out of the park tonight.
Nicki - you really look like a billion dollars today.  You're just to me, perfection.  Like on every level. 
Randy - the competition starts now!  This girl is in it to win it!  Amazing performance.
Mariah  -stellar!

American Idol contestant Paul JolleyPaul Jolley chose "Amazed" - Scotty McCreery.  I absolutely love this song!  And I do feel a connection with Paul, something I haven't felt yet this season.

He might just be my new favorite Idol male!

Keith - love that song.  That was one of your better performances. 
Nicki - this is the first time you've stimulated my sexual appetite.  You look very good.  You did the song justice.
Randy - it was a great song choice.  It's one of my favorite songs.  Great job.
Mariah  - I don't want you to hold back.  huh?

American Idol contestant Candice GloverCandice Glover will sing "I Have Nothing" - Jordan Sparks.  Candice has some chops, and is another Idol fan favorite.
She also connects with her audience.  She's putting her heart and soul in this performance.  I could see her wearing the Idol crown.

The Idol judges are on their feet!!

Keith - if we had more time, we'd still be standing and clapping.  I love you so much.  You have such a command in your performance.  Amazing!
Nicki - it would be in everybody's best interest to never sing that song, because you destroyed it.  That was my absolute favorite! 
Randy - you really worked that song out.  This was one of the best performances on season 12 Idol.  It was perfect!
Mariah  - every time you are on stage, I'm mesmerized.

American Idol contestant Lazaro ArbosLazaro Arbos will do "Breakaway" - Kelly Clarkson.  He was one of my favorite's early on.  I'm just amazed how he can sing perfectly, yet stutters when he talks.  He sounds like he's starting too low.  

I'm not liking this performance.  I don't like his outfit either.  lol

Keith - I could feel you with that song.  I don't think that was the best song choice.
Nicki -  talking in Spanish.  I like that you look like Ricky Ricardo tonight.  This was my least favorite performance of yours.  You seemed nervous.
Randy - the pitch was all over the place.  Wrong song choice.  Song was too big for you.
Mariah  - I think a lot of people are falling in love with the courage you have.

American Idol contestant Kree HarrisonKree Harrison is up.  "Crying" - Carrie Underwood.  Kree has a fantastic voice, but I don't connect with her at all.  

I get a "cocky" vibe from her, but I'm sure it's just major confidence.  She's doing a fantastic job with this song, though.

Keith - you can sing the phone book, baby.  Randy?  lol  If you made a record tomorrow, I would buy it.
Nicki - talking about waffles and syrup.  It was smooth and delicious, just like my waffles.  hahahha
Randy - I love you, I love your voice, on note 1 I'm in.  You have an infectious voice.  It makes me feel good all over.
Mariah  - it's obvious you have an enormous range.  Great song choice.

American Idol contestant Burnell TaylorBurnell Taylor will sing "Flying Without Wings" - Ruben Studdard.  Burnell isn't my favorite.  He's got a great voice, but he flails his hands so much through the song it drives me insane.  lol

He sure has a great voice, though.  I think he voice just cracked.  Oops.

Keith - your voice is so unique.  That was great tonight.
Nicki - I love that song.  I love you.  You always put your own twist on the songs you sing.  Good job.
Randy - very nice.  This kid believes.  Very nice!
Mariah  - you can take your gift further.  Or something like that.

American Idol contestant Amber HolcombAmber Holcomb wraps up the show with "A Moment Like This" - Kelly Clarkson.  She also has a great voice.  

She's really connecting with the audience, too!  The Idol judges are on their feet again!
Keith - that was beautiful!  I loved that song for you.  So effortless.
Nicki - that was the best performance of the night.  Your voice and your aura reminds me of Whitney.
Randy - I love you.  You blew it out of the box tonight.  You have arrived!  So beautiful!  Guys, the girls are killing you all tonight!
Mariah  - you really sounded magnificent.  You have a natural gift.

Well, what did you think of tonight's show?  Which American Idol contestant will leave?  Vote now!


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