Mar 7, 2013

It's the long awaited American Idol results show!

I've been reading a lot of opinions about American Idol lately.  Mostly how the Idol judges very carefully select the ones they want to put in the live show.

It's pretty obvious American Idol wants a girl to win this year, at least that's the consensus online.

Regardless, it's up to America now, and we will finally meet our American Idol top 10!  Let's go!

Ryan Seacrest gives us a little tour backstage to start the show.

The top 20 are divided by guys/girls.  Ryan will tell the Idol contestants one by one if they made the top 10.

American Idol Results!

First up...  the guys results!

American Idol Top 5 guys revealed!

Paul Jolley is safe!
Burnell Taylor is safe!
Curtis Finch, Jr is safe!
Devin Velez is safe!
Lazaro Arbos is safe!

Eliminated:  Elijah, Cortez, Charlie, Nick, and Vincent.

Time for the girls results!

American Idol reveals the top 10 girls!

Janelle Arthur is safe!
Candice Glover is safe!
Angie Miller is safe!
Amber Holcomb is safe!
Kree Harrison is safe!

Eliminated:  Zoanette, Breanna, Adriana, Aubrey, Teena

Your American Idol Top 10!

 Paul Jolley
Burnell Taylor
Curtis Finch, Jr
Devin Velez
Lazaro Arbos
Janelle Arthur
Candice Glover
Angie Miller
 Amber Holcomb
Kree Harrison 

Well, there's your American Idol top 10!  I'm disappointed Nick Boddington didn't make it.

How about you?  Are you happy with this list?

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