Mar 6, 2013

It's the guys turn to take the American Idol stage, although I'm not looking forward to the Idol judge's critiques.  They've got it set in their mind that a girl will win.  Which is fine, but let's judge honestly, okay?

American Idol contestant Elijah
Elijah is up first.  He looks and acts like a pop star, but he's cocky.  Let's see what he brings tonight.  Well, he's cute and he has a good voice, but the performance is so boring.

Keith - I love you did that song and that suited your voice.  You showed good control.
Nicki - I think I would be willing to stay.  I liked it.
Randy - I like it more than I liked it last week.  My problem was it never left first gear.  It laid there flat.
Mariah - I actually liked this a lot. 

American Idol contestant Cortez
Cortez is performing a Bruno Mars song.  Love Bruno!  Cortez is doing him justice!  Connecting with the audience.  He's a true performer!

Keith - why did you choose that song?  I love your voice and your spirit, but that wasn't the best song for what you do well.
Nicki - you were billing yourself tonight.  You got your mojo back.  But she didn't like it.
Randy - you sound like you're straining.
Mariah - I was like, I enjoyed your ballads. 

American Idol contestant Charlie
Charlie is up next.  I don't think he's American Idol crown worthy, but he is a great performer.  The Idol judges dissed Cortez's wardrobe, let's see what they say about Charlie's slum picks.

Keith - you have a huge range, but something just feels not truly genuine.
Nicki - where's my little baby at, Charlie?  What happened?  I don't want to see the ponytail or the earring.  I told you in Hollywood, don't change!
Randy - I'm worried for you.  The front part was terrible.  At the end, you went to a scream.  It didn't all connect at all.  I didn't get it.
Mariah - you've already gotten a nice earful from everybody, so... I think you add diversity to the group.

American Idol contestant Nick
Nick is up at the piano.  He's got a great voice, but so far there's nothing major.  No "wow" moments yet.  But he's cute and the girls love him.

Keith - the song choice was perfect.  I love you playing the piano and singing.  I think you were really nervous in spots, but I saw through that.
Nicki - I felt it was pretty, and that was your comfort zone.  I don't know if that's going to get billions of votes.
Randy - I don't know if that was your best performance.  Who are you really?
Mariah - I was happy to see you at the piano.  I feel like you really kicked in at the end.  Mumbling as she does.

American Idol contestant Burnell
Burnell performs his original audition song.  He's got a great voice which I love, but he just seems so stiff.  Not sure if he's connecting at all.  Oops, apparently..  standing ovation.  lol

Keith - just in the nick of time.  I believed those lyrics.  It's beautiful.  Your voice is recognizable.  Loved it!
Nicki - what did you do differently from the first time?  I love you.  You're one of a kind.  I'm glad we found you.
Randy - you grabbed someone's attention with your first note.  Love that song.
Mariah - so you did it again.  It was a tearful moment.  So proud of you.

American Idol contestant Paul Jolley
Paul Jolley after the break.  Keith critisized him last week saying his performance was too theatrical, so let's see what Paul does.  Hmm, no theatrics, just a solid performance.  Let's see what the Idol judges say.

Keith -what sort of artist do you see yourself as?  I still feel like you can ease it in more.  You keep underestimating what you can do.
Nicki - what a very odd comment, Keith.  Is he believable?  Keith said there were moments, no.  I thought it was a solid performance.  Complimented Keith's critique.
Randy - the beginning was amazing, but you changed your tone and it wasn't pleasant.
Mariah -  I couldn't even decipher her words.  She talked about Jimmy, Keith, the crowd...  Ugh!

American Idol contestant Lazaro
Lazaro is up and I just love this kid.  He's so humble, and he's got a great voice.  I think the Idol judges are a bit too hard on him.  Solid performance.

Keith -that was really good tonight.  I love the way you connect with you.
Nicki - is your favorite color pink?  Yes.  I loved it, I love you.  It's like you have an album out already.
Randy - I think this guy believes he's in it to win it and I think he is!!  You can see his whole heart light up!
Mariah - again, trying to decipher.  There's a place where you're singing...  this song was a bit low.  Or something.  But you hit it dead on.

American Idol contestant Curtis
Curtis Finch, Jr is up and Ryan made sure we all know he is a favorite.  Don't get me wrong, I really like Curtis, but the American Idol judges need to stop paving the path.  "I Believe I Can Fly" is a great song choice, and he's nailing it, but I bet the Idol judges won't say anything about originality.

Keith - I believe you can fly.  You just ooze everything good and holy.
Nicki - the bar..  this is bigger than American Idol.  When you make people feel like they can fly, that's bigger than American Idol.
Randy - that's exactly who you are.  The competition started right here.
Mariah - thank you for that performance.

American Idol contestant Devin
Devin is up.  If I close my eyes it's not very good.  He wants to sing everything in Spanish and although I don't care, I think it's ridiculous when you sing the whole song that way when you're in America.  Ok, hate me now.  Sorry, I'm not politically correct.

Keith - very beginning was shaky, but then the camera moved away.
Nicki - congratulations.
Randy - you're tone is a tone I really like.
Mariah - that performance was incredible.

American Idol contestant Vincent
Vincent is up.  I love his voice, but he's a tad boring.  :(  Boring just doesn't cut it on American Idol.  He's throwing high notes in whenever he can, but it's not enough.  Let's see what the Idol judges have to say.

Keith - I feel tonight that nerves got on top of your talent.
Nicki - I love that song, but you were excited from the last performance.  Your voice didn't come alive in that song.
Randy - this wasn't your best performance.  You over shot it.
Mariah - I hope America sees it too.

The last few Idol performances got robbed.  As usual, American Idol ran out of time.  But that could have been planned.


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