Mar 6, 2013

It's a long week for American Idol.  We have 2 hours tonight, 2 hours tomorrow night and 90 minutes on Thursday for the American Idol results show.

Tonight we watch the top 10 girls perform on the first live Idol show.

American Idol contestant Zoanette
Zoanette is up.  Oh, boy.  lol  Oh, dear.  She starts the song very low and struggles the rest of the way through trying to find her notes.  I'll be surprised if she makes it after this performance.

Keith - told her that it just didn't work.
Nicki - agrees; that wasn't it.
Randy -  that was a mess.
Mariah - didn't address anything, saying "this wasn't my favorite performance you've done."

American Idol contestant Breanna
Breanna is singing a Beyonce song.  I like Breanna, but I'm not sure if she can pull this big song off.  Not bad, but a better song choice would have been better.

Keith - loved the song choice. (?)  But adds she needs to find a song that is her.
Nicki -  disagrees with Keith.  That was totally the wrong song choice.  She also told her to not get comfortable.  She doesn't think Breanna will survive.

Randy - thought it was a safe song choice.  No big moments.
Mariah - thought the song choice was unique.  Huh?

American Idol contestant Aubrey
Aubrey is next.  Taking on a Fergie song.  She's having a hard time with the high notes and the tempo.  Oh boy, this wasn't a great performance.

Keith - thought it wasn't the best song choice.  It didn't allow her to show her true potential.
Nicki - loves her vibrato.  She just loves her all over.
Randy - agrees with Keith and Nicki.  He felt a little Rihanna coming out of her performance.
Mariah - you have multi-platinum potential.

American Idol contestant Janelle
Janelle is performing an Elvis Presley song.  Love Elvis!  She took the Idol judges critique last week and is going back to her Country-like roots.  She's doing a fantastic job!  And on key!  lol

Keith - great song!  Good performance!
Nicki - Janelle is back!  Best performance of the night so far.  You are my little marshmallow I want to eat.  lol
Randy -  loves the throwback country sound thing in her voice.

Mariah -  you bring an American sweetheart vibe.

American Idol contestant Teena
Tenna chose a Country song.  Hmm, she's so quiet in the beginning we can hardly hear her.  She picks it up a little bit but she seems very distracted.  Someone heckling?  Camera shy?  Don't know, but she's definitely not connected tonight.

Keith - tells her she shouldn't let the camera sweep her out of the moment.
Nicki - likes her boobs.(?) But she didn't think her personality came out.
Randy - shocked at Nicki's boob comment.  Really?  lol  Liked her restraint and that she didn't over sing the song.
Mariah -  loved the richness in her lower notes and also her power register.

American Idol contestant Angie Miller
Angie is one of the favorites, let's see if she can deliver.  And she does.  She's at the piano singing "Never Gone" by former American Idol contestant, Colton Dixon.  She's very comfortable and does an amazing job!

Keith - that was beautiful!  I love that you're at the piano.
Nicki - trumpets should play when you walk into the room, little girl.  Can I just buy your album now?
Randy - I love the honesty you deliver.  You are going places!
Mariah - loved the song choice and that you were back at the piano.

American Idol contestant Amber
Amber will tackle a Whitney Houston song.  I always cringe when I hear Whitney Houston or Beyonce because those are huge singers.  She does ok with it though.  Not a stellar performance, but not totally bad either.

Keith - thought it was the perfect song choice, but wished she would have held back on a couple of notes.
Nicki is going to call her Ber from now on.  You're vocals are surpassing the competition.
Randy - Amber is in it to win it!
Mariah - you are one of my favorites in this competition.

American Idol contestant Kree
Kree is next.  Wow!  Kree is doing a fantastic job!  She's really connecting with her audience!

Keith - loved all the notes she hit.
Nicki - loves her sexiness.  You know you're my wife.  lol  She loved her tone.
Randy - here's another one in it to win it.
Mariah - you give us a true experience as an audience.

American Idol contestant Adriana
Adriana is performing a Destiny Child's song.  Oh, boy.  I'm embarrassed for her.  The song is very dull and she's off-key.  Not her best performance by a long shot.

Keith - is nervous about her song choice tonight.
Nicki - thinks the song was too big for her, but she looks pretty in her ball gown.
Randy - it was very safe and boring.
Mariah - enjoyed her previous performance.  Maybe this needed a more soulful performance.

American Idol contestant Candice Glover
Candice ends the show.  Another Idol favorite.  And this is why.  She chose "Ordinary People" by John Lennon.  She kills the song!  Absolutely connecting with the audience.  Her voice is perfection.

Keith - loves her old soul but making it currant.
Nicki - salutes her.  Enough said.
Randy - that was ridiculous!  (in a good way)  We might have to use a wild card.  Hmmm, were you suppose to reveal that Randy?
Mariah - loves her.

That's it for the girls.  Which 5 really stand out?  Who's your favorite?  Let me know in the comments.

Tomorrow night we watch the American Idol guys and results on Thursday.


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