Mar 1, 2013

One more American Idol results show before we go live next week!  Tonight is the guys turn.

Did you agree with the American Idol results from last night?  I was upset that Jett was cut.  :(  And even more now after Josh's performance.  Can the Idol judges be anymore confusing?

Mathenee is up first.  He's got a lot of energy, but I don't see much else for him.  Sad really, because I've liked him up to this performance.

Keith - you have a huge range vocally, and immense power.  Don't underestimate the power of your voice.  You can make a connection, so don't
Nicki - you have a strong voice, but it sounded more like trying to please the voices.  It sounded very karaoke.
Randy - you got a great voice, but the song choice was so wrong.  It makes me question what kind of artist you want to be. 
Mariah - I've always liked you.  I felt disconnected.

Gurpreet is our turban terminator.  Hmm, he's singing an upbeat song and it's just not the Gurpreet I love.  He seems uncomfortable, too, like he's way out of his comfort zone.  :(

Keith - I really like your voice.  I don't think that was a great song for you.
Nicki - you should have came back out with your guitar.  You needed to draw us in.  Hell, no!
Randy - dude, dog, really, OMG, honestly, that was terrible. 
Mariah - I was slightly disappointed I didn't hear your softly voice.  Do you play other instruments?  What does that have to do with anything, Mariah?

Vincent is up.  He's singing some bluesy/souly something or other.  I can't critique because I don't care for that music.  Sounds like screaming to me.  The judges are standing up though, so that's a good sign.

Keith - that was crazy!  I loved it.
Nicki - you better work with your old soul.  It was a good old fashioned today.
Randy - the show started tonight right here.  This is what I call the whole complete package.
Mariah - All I can say is finally... period.


Nick is next.  A slower song, but I LOVE his voice!!  He didn't connect I don't feel, but he might still be in the running.

Keith - there's a timber in your voice that I really love.  I kept waiting for being connected to you, but I didn't feel it.  Maybe it was the song.
Nicki - I love that warmth in your voice.  It wasn't a 10, but it wasn't bad.  It wasn't your best.
Randy - that wasn't the correct song for you.  I know you're up to it.  I'm looking for moments from all of you guys.
Mariah -  come on Randy, there was one moment at the end.  Tonight you weren't connected to the song.

Josh grew up on a cattle farm.  Now he lives in Nashville.  A Country boy!  Yeah, I'm not into Country music.  lol  He starts at the piano.  He must have heard the Idol judges critique Jett's performance, because he got up and is trying to "bring it".  I don't think he's got that "wow" factor.

Keith - you have a really great voice and you're a vocal coach.  I wish you would just cut loose.  I was waiting for that moment.  It was too controlled.
Nicki - I wanted you to stay on the piano.  Really?  You pulled me in when you first started.  Then you snapped out of it and pulled me out of it.  Hmmm, that's what Jett did.
Randy - I liked the song okay.  I don't know if I was "wowed" by it.
Mariah -  I was really impressed by the audience response.  Very bold choice to sing an original song.  I would have liked you to stay at the piano.

David Willis
David is a worship leader who grew up in a foster home with a ton of kids.  Hmmm, he also has no "wow" factor.  He's just up there singing.  No entertainment factor or anything.

Keith - there was a "thing" at the end of the song.  Not the right song for any moments.
Nicki - honey pie...  I felt like you just got a guitar for Christmas and you are in front of your family with your new guitar.
Randy - I kind of like that you were a bit different.
Mariah - I was intrigued by your back story.  What artists inspired you.  The crowd enjoyed it.  So, did Mariah enjoy it?

Bryant is next.  Boring song, but he's got a great voice.  And he's cute.  Plus!  No "wow" factor yet though.

Keith - everybody was on their feet here in the arena.  You handled that song really well.  You made a connection.
Nicki - I loved that last note you did.  I didn't like anything else.
Randy - I loved the beginning, but I was waiting for it to go somewhere.  It never quite "went there" for me.
Mariah -  People were responding because they thought you were professional.  There were some moments where you got lost.

Burnell Taylor
Burnell is 19 years old.  He made Mariah cry during his audition.  It feels like he's over singing this, but the American Idol "judges" are loving it.  His confidence comes off as cockiness.

Keith - gosh, I liked that performance.  It was so strikingly original.
Nicki -I would pay to see you sing right here, today. 
Randy - Louisiana proud!  yeah, lost momentum Randy.  Way to go.  I'm not sure if this was your best performance, but it was very captivating.
Mariah - I was crying the first time I saw you, but that was a different moment.  But from that moment, I'm rooting for you to stay in the competition.

Lazaro is my favorite.  He's the stutterer who never gives up.  He's got such a beautiful voice and stage presence.

Keith - the crowd loves you!  Of course that's a beautiful song.  You're a great singer, obviously.  I don't think that was a great song for you.  You were always trying to catch up.
Nicki - what I love about you, you always give us Lazaro.  You played it safe, but in a good way.  Yes!  You don't try to change to please the judges.
Randy - it was the perfect song for you, but when you hit the chorus, it's a sweet spot for you.
Mariah - this may be totally off base.  Before you started, you looked like you were welling up with tears and I thought, oh no, I'm going to lose it.  Ok.

Cortez Shaw
Cortez wraps up the show.  He's got a great voice, for sure.  He's not doing anything with the song though.  Not making it his own I mean.

Keith - man, I'm just going to say, (to the crowd) you just love the high notes.  That was a bold and brave move to tackle that song in a ballad form like that.  There were a lot of spots you felt, where is this going?
Nicki - is it hot in here?  lol   I liked you a lot tonight.  Sexy.
Randy - your range surprised me today.  A little pitchy, but I was shocked when you hit some of those big notes.  You're very current.
Mariah - I have enjoyed you from the very beginning.  I'm glad you're still here.  Of course nothing is going to be perfect.

American Idol Results!

Mathenee is going home.
Gurpreet is going home.
Vincent is safe!
Nick is safe!
Josh is going home.
David is going home.
Bryant is going home.
Burnell is safe!
Lazaro is safe!
Cortez is safe!

Well, this was a very confusing American Idol episode!  Does anyone else see the wishy-washy with the judges critiques and what they're looking for?


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