Feb 27, 2013

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American Idol is at The Mirage in Las Vegas!

The top 10 girls will perform tonight, but only 5 will make it to the live show.  Will we be shocked?  More than likely...  it's American Idol.  lol

Melinda Ademi
Melinda Ademi is up first.  Not sure what she's singing, but it sure is a fast song!  lol  It almost sounds like she's forcing it.  She has a good voice though.

Keith - good job!  Great way to start the show.  I loved that performance.  Your nerves were trying to get on top of you.
Nicki - all I could think of was Angela's performance last week.  I liked it, but didn't love it.
Randy - it was ok, but you didn't have enough big moments in there.  You coulud be in trouble tonight.
Mariah - I've seen you perform when you were less nervous.  Your nerves got to you.  Your voice wavered.

Candice Glover
Candice Glover is 23 years old and up next.  Singing Aretha's "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" and she is belting out that song!!  You go, Candace!  Is this our next American Idol?  Wow!

Keith - is standing up!  He makes a joke about the crowd not liking it when they're going nuts!  lol  Great song choice.  You're a natural singer (in his singing voice.)
Nicki -  it boggles my brain you didn't make it past Vegas last year.  You have one of the most strongest voices in the competition.
Randy - you're one of my favorites in the whole competition.  It was really good.  The star in you is your voice.
Mariah - I agree you are a bona-fide singer and that's what this is all about.  Very nice, darling, very nice.

Juliana is only 15 years old.  She's a singer and a writer.  She's singing Demi Lovato's song Skyscraper.  She started out strong, but she was struggling with the high notes.  She did great though!

Keith - you were struggling with pitch in places, but I get your nervous.  I love the purity of your voice.
Nicki - your voice is recognizable.  You seem very timid.  It works for what you do, but it might not work with all these bigger voices.
Randy - I kept thinking of the honesty of the delivery.  This is who I am and all I will be.  It was a good performance.
Mariah - there was an angelic quality that I felt.

Jett is 25 years old.  I love her name!  She's playing the piano for her performance.  Singing "Only Girl in the World" and she's putting her own spin on it.  I love it!!

Keith - Loved you did this unique arrangement.  You brought out a sexiness in the song.
Nicki - I liked the arrangement, as well.  I thought it was going to climax to something, but I never felt that.
Randy - I thought you were going to get up from the piano half way through and really rock it out, but you didn't. 
Mariah - you are a unique addition to this contest.  I enjoyed the first half of the song a lot.  I like what you did.

Cristabel Clack almost didn't show up for her American Idol auditions because of a lack of confidence.  She has a unique voice.  If she doesn't win, I think she'll go far if she sticks with music.  She's over-singing.

Keith - that was fantastic!  Gosh I love your voice!  Really good song for you.  You've got crazy potential.
Nicki - I liked that song for you and you do have a unique voice.  The raspiness got a little out of control.
Randy -  you were on point.  I love the rasp.  You allowed yourself the freedom to go!  It sounded great to me!
Mariah - you are one of those singers with an incredible voice.  But she wanted her to sing a different song.  Huh?  lol

Aubrey has always wanted to be a veteranarian...  until she found singing that is.  lol  OMG!  I love her voice!  "Beautiful Nightmare" is her song choice and she's better than Beyonce!  Ok, maybe that's a stretch.  But she's very good!

Keith - I love what you're doing with the songs.  You've got great fire in your voice.  I loved it.
Nicki - I am obsessed with you.  You look, sound, and feel like a current artist.  You are stunning.  You could be a model.  You had a rich texture when you sang.  It blew me away.
Randy - I'm a huge fan.  Nicki hit it on the head.  You command the stage.  I feel you have the whole complete package.
Mariah - I think you're limitless.  I hope you continue with American Idol.

Rachel is only 22 years old from a small town.  She has a lot of confidence, too.  Very powerful voice, although this is not a good song choice.

Keith - I love you chose that song, however in parts, the song got on top of you in parts.  I love your spirit.
Nicki - you have a crazy burst of confidence!  My little ladybug came alive on stage!
Randy -  I'm happy you brought out some energy.  Love the upbeat song.
Mariah - you are always that girl with the smile you can't help but smile back.  I may have heard you more in your other songs.

Breanna Steer
Breanna Steer was the only one who made it during group week in Hollywood.  She has the confidence and the voice, but I'm not sure if she connects with the audience.  She's very personable, though.

Keith - I love that song.  I like the whole vibe you had going on.
Nicki - work, work, work.  You and Aubrey could go out and be number 1 on the charts right now.  You two should get 2 more and become a group.  You givin' me sexy on a stick right now.  lol
Randy - you are the other one I would sign right now.  You worked that song.
Mariah -  I love your presentation.  You're extremely marketable and gorgeous.

Janelle says she's just a Country girl.  She has a strong voice and is real personable, but I don't think she's as good as the others...  at least not with this song choice.

Keith - it's limiting in the chorus so it didn't showcase what you can do.  Not a great song choice.
Nicki - a lot of that fell a little flat.  You're one of my favorite girls, but you were disconnected tonight.  Don't try too hard.
Randy -you are my favorite Country singer.  That was not the right song for you.  It was just one of those nights for you I'm hoping.
Mariah - I'm definitely a fan.  Maybe it wasn't the best song choice, I'm rooting for you.

Zoanette is a crazy lady.  lol  Ok, what is she singing?  Holy smokes, I think that's the song from The Lion King.  hahahha    Standing ovation!!

Keith - I love that I have no clue what you're going to do.  lol  I loved it.
Nicki - you just served it.  You make me so emotional.  You are from Liberia and all your siblings will see you on American Idol.  You're a superstar!  That song was such a smart choice.
Randy - this is the reason she's here.  That spirit what you have is really what the spirit of a Lion has, from the Lion King.
Mariah - I'm so proud and happy for you.  It's almost like your spirit is too be to be contained. 

American Idol Results!

Melinda is going home.
Candice is safe!
Juliana is going home.
Jett is going home.
Cristabel is going home.
Aubrey is safe!
Rachel is going home.
Breanna is safe!
Janelle is safe!
Joanette is safe!

So, did the American Idol judges make the right choices?  I'm sorry to see Jett go.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.
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