Apr 11, 2013

It's another American Idol Results show!!!  Who was eliminated?  Read on!

American Idol Season 10 Winner Scotty McCreeryAmerican Idol Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson

Will this be an American Idol shocking results episode?  Everyone seems to think Lazaro will be going home, but we've seen stranger things happen on Idol.

2 past American Idol winners will be performing tonight.  Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery take the Idol stage again!

Last night, Randy Jackson said Candice Glover's performance was the best in American Idol history!  Does that mean he thinks Candice can out sing Kelly?

The Idols 6 begin the show with a collection of melodies.  Candice and Amber are singing together, and they sound fantastic!!

Jimmy Iovine is critiquing all the performances again.  We've already listened to the Idol Judges, why do we have to listen to him, too?  UGH...

Scotty McCreery takes the stage with See You Tonight and he hasn't changed!  What a fun guy and what a fun song!  Great to see Scotty!!

We've got the Idol wannabes split up into 3 groups of 2, but we won't find out any results until after Kelly Clarkson takes the stage!

Kelly is performing People Like Us and WOW does she look different! I'm not used to blonde hair on her.  lol

American Idol Results!

Candice is safe!  In the top 2!
Amber is in the bottom 2, but safe!
Angie is safe!
Lazaro is in the bottom 2, and must sing for the save.  Nope, going home.
Kree is safe!  In the top 2!
Janelle is safe!

The American Idol judges and Jimmy got what they want.  Lazaro is headed home, and it will be a girl that will wear the Idol crown this year.


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