Apr 10, 2013

American Idol contestants Kree, Janelle, Angie, Candice, Amber, and Lazaro

We start American Idol with a flash back of last week's Burnell elimination.

Which Idol wannabe will leave tomorrow night?

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American Idol contestant Angie Miller
Angie Miller  - 18 years old
From Beverly, MA

Her 1st concert was Jump 5 at 10 years old.  Her and her friend likes to put embarrassing videos on YouTube.  lol

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Angie chose "Anyone Who Had a Heart" from the Bacharach/David songbook.  I don't know the song, but she's putting her heart into it.

Keith - you look great tonight.  Don't rely on your great voice alone.  I was waiting to feel the passion, so please give me the passion.  You have the voice.
Nicki - agree with Keith.  Your voice is amazing, but I didn't feel the passion either.
Randy - agree with both.  You gotta digest the song like it was one you wrote.
Mariah - you're focusing too much on enunciation.

Angie will sing "Love Came Down" as her free choice.  She starts sitting at the piano, let's see if she stays there.  Not a well known song.  It starts off slow and then picks up.  She's still at the piano.  It sounds like she's doing more screaming than singing, so I'm not feeling this performance.

Keith -  the piano is the perfect place for you.
Nicki - this was Angie!  This is what people want to vote for.  Don't stray from it!
Randy - I loved that for so many reasons.  That was amazing.
Mariah - that piano and you...  you never lose.

American Idol contestant Amber Holcomb
Amber Holcomb – 18 years old
From Houston Texas

Her very 1st concert was one of the Scream tours.  And she likes to eat frozen shrimp out of the bag!

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Amber chose "I Say a Little Prayer" from the Bacharach/David songbook.  I love her pantsuit/jumpsuit!  Oh, she's doing amazing with the song, too.  lol

Keith -  you never over-perform.  You were a summer breeze that just floated in.  Beautiful!
Nicki - what in the hell just happened?  I'm bowing down for you right now!  You are unbelievable!  You become my favorite girl of the season.  I couldn't stop smiling!
Randy - the competition just started ya'll!!!  Amber is trying to win!!
Mariah - genius.  A+ amazing.

Amber chose  "Love on Top" as her free choice, or songs you wish you wrote.  Uh-oh, she's starting out flat.  Come on, Amber!  Now she's got it! 

Keith - it was beautiful!  That was such a great song choice for you.
Nicki - Beyonce, you better look out!  Baby girl, you have arrived.
Randy - yes, yes, yes!!!  This girl is in it to win it!!
Mariah -  America loves you, as does this crowd.  You were enjoying yourself, but not my favorite vocal of yours.

American Idol contestant Lazaro Arbos performs
Lazaro Arbos – 21 years old
From Naples, FL

He's never been to a concert.  He loves to ride 4-Wheelers and go hunting.

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Lazaro will sing "(They Long to Be) Close to You" from the Bacharach songbook.  He is very passionate when he sings.  His voice is so smooth.

Keith - at this stage of the competition, choosing a key that is too low, is doom.
Nicki - Ryan, let's pretend I already gave my comment because we'll be here all night.
Randy - I'm kind of speechless.  I love you as a person, but all I can say is no, no, no, no.  That was horrible.  I felt like we were back in auditions.
Mariah - the "powers at be" (i.e., the Idol Gods) informed me I'm here to judge.  So, you're not following the right key.

Lazaro chose "Angels" as his free choice song.  He's looking smart in a white jacket.  Another slow song for him.  He might be in trouble.  I think he's doing a fantastic job though!

Keith - I love that song. 
Nicki - yeah, what he said.
Randy - slightly better than the last time, but the girls are crazy good.
Mariah - this was a better range for you.

American Idol contestant Kree Harrison performs

Kree Harrison – 22 years old
From Nashville, TN

Her1st concert was the Doobie Brothers at 8 years old.  She loves rodeos!

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Kree will perform "What the World Needs Now Is Love" from the Bacharach/David songbook.  She starts out acapella.  It seems like she's doing a slower version of the song.  Not sure.

Keith - I feel you have real genuine compassion for people and it comes through your voice.
Nicki - your voice is so sweet and humble, yet cocky.
Randy - I love that you came after the last performance.  Ass.
Mariah - you know who you are and you sing as Kree.  I loved the arrangement.

Kree chose  "Help Me Make It Through the Night" as her free choice.  Very old fashioned song and performance.  But it's Kree, they'll love her.

Keith - that was a buckle polisher right there.
Nicki - you're at the head of the class. 
Randy - you are what I call a natural, natural singer.
Mariah - that's how the song should be sung.

American Idol contestant Janelle Arthur
Janelle Arthur – 23 years old
From Oliver Springs, TN

Her1st concert was Vince Gill at 18 months old.  When she was in the 8th grade, she played a boy in the school's play.  No Way!!!  lol

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Janelle chose "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" from the Bacharach/David songbook.  She's working the stage, but not working the song.  Forgettable.  Dang, and I like Janelle, too.

Keith - that was good.
Nicki - there's no doubt in my mind you can be a success, but this performance was boring.
Randy - this wasn't your best; a little lackluster.
Mariah - I liked how simple you were in the beginning. 

Janelle will sing "The Dance" by Garth Brooks as her free choice.  She looks so comfortable singing this song.  She is in her element.

Keith - I would have liked you to play guitar..  nothing else.
Nicki - that was a sweet song.  This performance was a lot better than your first one.
Randy - you did a good job.  Not your best performance, however.
Mariah - I appreciated you sitting there, it felt true.

American Idol contestant Candice Glover performsCandice Glover – 23 years old
From St. Helena Island, SC

Her 1st concert was Drake.  She speaks a different dialogue called geechie?  huh?

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Candice will perform "Don’t Make Me Over" from the Bacharach/David songbook.  The violins are playing!  She is such a natural.  Big powerful voice, yet so smooth.  Standing O other than Mariah, of course.

Keith - you set the bar really high!  You just came in my top 3 sweetheart!
Nicki - that so didn't sound old-fashioned, and it was an old song!  This is what you were born to do!
Randy - this is what this show is all about.  This girl is in it to win it.  Best vocal of the night!
Mariah - 100% agree.  I love this performance.

As her free choice, Candice will perform "Lovesong" by The Cure/Adele.  My gosh, this girl puts everything in her performances.  She not only has some great pipes, but her emotional connection is so strong.  This is just amazing!  Standing O and bowing!  Even Mariah!!!!

Keith -
Nicki -
Randy - on behalf of all my judges here, this was the best performance in all the 12 seasons of American Idol!!!
Mariah -

Well, it was pretty obvious the American Idol judges want Lazaro and Janelle in the bottom 2 tomorrow night.  What are your thoughts?

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