Apr 6, 2013

American Idol top 6 theme songs revealed

The American Idol top 6 contestants will be singing 2 songs this week.

One of the theme songs will come from Burt Bacharach and Hal David Songbook.  Which could mean very boring songs from our Idol contestants.

Songs like Walk On By and I'll Never Fall in Love Again are old and overdone.  Unless the Idol 6 can change things up a bit, we won't see any stellar performances.

The other theme for Wednesday's Idol show is "Songs you wish you wrote", which could redeem the Idol's if this theme comes 2nd.

Songs you wish you wrote is basically free choice.  They can choose any song they want.

Lazaro might struggle with having to learn 2 songs this week.  He has been forgetting the lyrics the past couple of weeks when he's had to learn lyrics for his solo performance and the duets.

What do you think?  Can the American Idol contestants really make a song from Burt and Hal's songbook sound current?


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