Apr 17, 2013

Another American Idol history!  For the first time ever, we have all girls in the top 5 Idol lineup!

Which girl will wear the American Idol crown?  Which girl will leave tomorrow night?  Make your guess below.

American Idol contestant Candice Glover performsCandice Glover – 23 years old
From St. Helena Island, SC

Christina Aguilera and Jazmine Sullivan influenced her musical style.

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Candice will perform Straight Up from her birth year, which Janelle helped her chose.  She's doing a great job, but I don't think this song really shows what she can do.  I do like the arrangement!

Keith -  Baby, that was so good.  That was such a great version of that song.  Beautiful control of the runs.  You feel them.
Nickicongratulations for making the top 5.  You are the one to beat.  You are the boss.
Randylove the arrangement.  You are so in the zone and relaxed.
Mariah - unpredictable, smart as always.  Song choice, genius.


Candice will perform When You Believe as her Diva song.  This is a much stronger performance.  It's a Mariah/Whitney song.  Right in her element.  Standing O from all 4 American Idol Judges!

KeithI love your voice because it stops me in my tracks.  You just ripped out all the stops.
Nicki -  and that is how you do a Mariah/Whitney song.  Great message in that song.
Randyagain, that's the best vocal of the night.  You are so in the zone.
Mariah - I think you can sing anything in front of anybody.  You did Whitney justice, and I am so proud of you.

Jimmy totally disagreed with the Idol judges.  He thought wrong song choice for 1st performance.

American Idol contestant Janelle Arthur
Janelle Arthur – 23 years old
From Oliver Springs, TN

Vince Gill and Eva Cassidy influenced her musical style.

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Janelle will sing When I Call Your Name from her birth year.  Very slow song, but you can feel her emotion in her performance.  Her momma said Vince Gill singing was the only thing that would calm Janelle's crying when she was a baby.

KeithI love that song, your voice is beautiful, but I didn't feel it tonight.
Nickiyou are so much more comfortable when you have your guitar.  Your vocals were so pretty and angelic.
Randythis song brought you back for me.  You did a really great job.
Mariah - I believed you.  You were singing with your whole heart.


Janelle chose Dumb Blonde for her Diva performance.  This is a fun song!  She's working the audience.  A couple of flat spots, but she's doing a great job!

Keithyour voice is so good, but that wasn't the best song for you to shine.
Nickiyou are great, but I feel you are in jeopardy of going home tomorrow.
Randythis was a fun song for you, but it didn't show too much vocally.
Mariah - you were connected to the song.  It was cute. 

Jimmy hated it.  It sounded like row, row, row your boat according to him.

American Idol contestant Kree Harrison performs

Kree Harrison – 22 years old
From Nashville, TN

Her parents influenced her musical style.

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Kree chose She Talks to Angels from her birth year.  It's just her and a guitarist sitting on the steps to start.  It sure seems like she's on the wrong key.  I still can't feel her.  She seems so cold... maybe a little bit stuck on herself.

KeithI love your voice.  You don't look comfortable moving around performing.
Nickithat was the best performance of the night.
RandyI love you, I love your voice from note 1.
Mariah - you can sing anything.  I love to hear you sing.


Kree will perform Have You Ever Been in Love as her Diva song.  The song is so high she seems to be stretching for the words.  But it's Kree, the Idol judges will love it.

Keith - it was a beautiful song choice.  
Nickiyou're worldly, you're iconic.  You are Adele, you are Celine Dion.
Randyit was a great song and you sang it so well.  You can sing any genre.
Mariah - it was a very smart choice. It may have gotten away from you slightly, but you reeled it back in.

Jimmy thought it wasn't strong enough.  It felt like kumbaya.

American Idol contestant Angie Miller
Angie Miller  - 18 years old
From Beverly, MA

Jessie J and Beyonce influenced her musical style.

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Angie will sing I'll Stand By You from her birth year.  She's starting at the piano and dedicated the performance to her hometown of Boston.  Very strong performance.  Standing O from the judges!

KeithI love you at the piano.  Really good song choice.
Nickiso glad you stayed at the piano. 
Randybest top 5 girls we've ever had.  Great song choice.  Great vocal delivery.
Mariah - beautiful dedication.  It was perfect.


Angie chose Halo as her Diva choice.  I love this song, and Angie is smokin' this song!  Lovin' this performance!  Standing O from the Idol judges!!!

Keith -  definitely top 3!!
Nickinow my Angie Miller is back!!
RandyAngie is in it to win it, ya'll!!
Mariah - yes, diva.  I loved the clarity in your voice.  You're here to stay.

Jimmy thought she did a fabulous job.  Best performance of the night.

American Idol contestant Amber Holcomb
Amber Holcomb – 18 years old
From Houston Texas

Whitney, Celine, and Karen Carpenter  influenced her musical style.

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Amber chose What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life for her birth year.  She's nervous about singing in front of Mariah as it's her song, but she's doing a good job.  Sounds like she's really straining to get this song out though.

KeithWe got an Amber alert going on here.  Your singing has just grown leaps and bounds.  Beautiful!
Nickithere was no feeling in your lower notes.  I adore you, but I just wasn't impressed.
Randyit wasn't perfect, but I give you mad props for singing in front of Mariah.  You did a damn good job.
Mariah - you did a great job.  I loved what you did with the song.


Amber chose Without You for her Diva song.  A very slow Barbara Streisand song.  Is Barb a diva?  lol   Great performance, Amber!  Standing O from the Idol judges!

Keithit was so elegant and beautiful.  Great job, Amber.
Nickiit was simply perfection.
Randythat was the most difficult song for any of you contestants, and you sang the I don't know what out of it.  You are so good.
Mariah - classic, beautiful, elegant.

Jimmy says she gets an 8 for performing in front of Mariah.  She's the 2nd best of the night.

That's a wrap! Is Nicki Minaj right?  Is American Idol wannabe Janelle in danger of going home?  Vote below!


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