Mar 30, 2011

The American Idol contestants will try Elton John on for size.  Who will shine?  Who will fall short?

I really don't think it matters much anymore.  The American Idol judges, at least Simon Cowell, always said, America will get it right.

Well, America got it right last week when Casey Abrams was eliminated.  The judges said "we" got it wrong.  Really?  Read the comments everywhere, America did not get it wrong.

But the American Idol judges Gods used their save.  I liked the rules before where the judges couldn't use a save until a certain point.

I'm hoping America gets it right again this week, because unless Casey can pull off an Elton John song without screeching and screaming, he needs to go.

Ok, putting the soapbox away.  Here we go!

Scotty McCreery starts the show with Country Comfort which is a great song.  This young kid has more talent in his little finger.  Hopefully the judges will see it too.

Steven - love everything about his voice.
Jennifer - has amazing instincts.  Stay grounded.
Randy - so in the zone and comfortable!!!

Naima Adedapo is up next with I'm Still Standing, turning it into Reggae.  Wow, no likey.  Livin' in America, man!

Jennifer - song not suited for reggae.
Randy - it came off corny.  Yes, Randy!
Steven - song fit her; good for her.  Come on, Steven!

Paul McDonald chose Rocket Man for his performance tonight.  Love this song! Go Paul!!!  I love this guy!!!

Randy - quiet voice is infectious.  Holding back.
Steven - loves his voice. 
Jennifer - still saying he is holding back.  Wait your turn, J'Lo!!!

Pia Toscano, for some reason, everyone's favorite chose Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me...  surprise!  Another ballad!  UGH!  Well, here's one that won't listen to advice.  Let's watch the judges swoon.  Gag me.

Steven - sang it, nailed it.  Whatever Steven, I still love you.
Jennifer - crazy what you do with your voice...  again, whatever.
Randy - sang a ballad every time and slayed them every time.  Good God.  This is what he said last week about all her ballads.

Steven tried to call the other judges out on her singing ballads, and both J'Lo and Randy caved.  YES, they did tell her to stop singing ballads.  Grrrrr!!!

Stefano Langone will perform Tiny Dancer and Jimmy is such a doggy downer.  He's got such an awesome voice, and he's a great performer, too.

Jennifer -  can really feel him connect to the audience.
Randy - loved how he connected with the audience.  Hit those money notes.
Steven -  sweet crazy voice.  Nailed it.

Lauren Alaina will sing Candle In The Wind.  This song makes me cry, and she's doing it justice!  Elton would be proud.

Randy - very hot!
Steven - perfect; beautiful!
Jennifer - amazing; looks and sounds gorgeous!

James Durbin is rockin' out Saturday Night's Alright and Jimmy is giving him grief.  James knows what he's doing and he's doing great!  Hell of a rocker!!!!!

Steven -  brought the heat.  Really good rock voice. 
Jennifer -  forgets it's a competition show; like she's at a concert.
Randy -  loved how he enjoys himself.

Thia Megia will perform Daniel which is an awesome song!  Thia has such a great voice for someone who is so young.

Jennifer - beautiful moment; perfect song for her.
Randy - liked the relaxed side, didn't like that it was very safe.
Steven - found the right song; sang a great Elton John song well.

Casey Abrams will scream sing The One and hopefully he will do it justice.  Well, no screaming, but it all sounds forced.  Let's hear all the raves.

Randy - brilliant.  huh?
Steven - he concurs.  Whatever Steven.
Jennifer - didn't lose an ounce of sleep over saving him.

Jacob Lusk chose Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.  Jacob is so fun!  This should be good.  He is so emotional.  Strong vocals; feels the song.  I love it.

Steven -  thinks he's wonderful.
Jennifer - congrats!
Randy - first half was brilliant.  Give me one spot where you go all the way.

Haley Reinhart closes the show with Benny and the Jets.  The only thing she has going for her is her growly voice and she's over-killing this song with it.  Of course the judges will love her cause America always gets it wrong!

Jennifer - it all came together.  J'Lo is watching something else, obviously.
Randy - amazing song and best performance of the night.  Sure Randy.
Steven - you sing sexy.

Well, how about it America?  Are you going to listen to the wish-washy comments from the judges who obviously have a plan?  Or will you vote based on actual performance?

I've never been so disgusted with the American Idol judges before in my life.  Well, it's up to us to see through the manipulation of Randy and Jennifer.  Steven tried, but Ryan tried to call him out on it.

Let's vote America based on talent and not the manipulation of 2 of the American Idol judges!!


  1. I liked it when the judges couldn't use a save at all!! It is supposed to be up to us, America, on who gets voted off. The judges did their part in the auditions so now it is our turn.
    It would really suck for Casey if he ended up leaving this week. But I think that his fans will just vote extra for him this week so they can keep him safe.
    I think that Naima and Thia are leaving this week.

  2. So true, Nicole!!! They shouldn't even have a save as it is up to us to vote!

    I totally agree with you on Naima needing to leave this week. Not sure about Thia. I sort of put her above Haley.




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