Mar 23, 2011

American Idol is doin' MoTown!  Barry Gordy started MoTown on $800.  That guy oozed talent!

But, which American Idol contestant has got what it takes to shine with the likes of Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five, and many, many more?

I think Casey Abrahms could shine tonight if he can keep it together; unlike last weeks performance.

Casey Abrams starts the show with I Heard It Through The Grapevine and he's not doing too bad, but he's too growly through the entire song.

Steven - says perfect entertainer; perfect pitch.
Jennifer - who has too much makeup on, says he's original.
Randy - true original; loves that he takes chances.

Thia Megia chose Heat Wave which is a great song!!!!  She's doing great!  Go Thia!!!

Jennifer - great to see her let loose!
Randy - been tough on her, but she took a chance and nailed it.
Steven - agrees; loved it.

Jacob Lusk is performing You're All I Need To Get By and he's holding it together.  Still excited and lots of energy, but he's nailing it!

Randy - 2nd best performance!  True professional!
Steven - gave him a hug!  Beautiful!!!
Jennifer - made us beg for those notes.  He moves her.

Lauren Alaina is singing You Keep Me Hanging On, a great The Supremes song!  Great, great performance!  Started out slow and then let it go!!!

Steven - beautiful!!
Jennifer - looks amazing!  Loved her performance; lots of attitude!
Randy - swagger is on high!  She's ready!

Stefano Langone chose Hello by Lionel Richie.  He's got the voice for it, so let's see!  He's nailing it.  I hope the judges love it, too!

Jennifer -  loved it all but he needs to connect with the audience.
Randy - the only thing he's missing is the connection.  Sounded great.
Steven - voice is beautiful.

Haley Reinhart is trying her hand at You Really Got A Hold On Me by Smokey!  She did ok, nothing spectacular.

Randy - started rough, but nailed it at the end.
Steven - beautiful; touched his heart.
Jennifer - effortless control in her voice.

Scotty McCreery will try For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder!  He put a country spin on it and it sounds great!!!

Steven -  Beautiful!
Jennifer - great version of this song!
Randy - smiling the whole time cause he took chances; young lady killer note!  lol

Pia Toscano chose All In Love Is Fair and I hope she lives up to her past performances!  Great voice, but no entertainment value!

Jennifer - amazing vocals but she has to work on her performance.
Randy - hits the notes dead on, but too many ballads.
Steven - closest star in the American Idol universe.

Paul McDonald is performing Tracks Of My Tears and although I love the song, he starts out pretty shaky.  He sure knows how to get the audience going!

Randy - got a distinctive voice; was worried at first, but he nailed it.
Steven - very different; beautiful voice.
Jennifer - complete package, all he needs is a producer.

Naima Adedapo is singing Dancing In The StreetsShe threw some African dancing in there.  Not a bad performance this week!

Steven - E to the Z!  The whole package.
Jennifer - exciting performer.  Got goosebumps.
Randy - been rough on her, but finally, all of the Naima showed up.

James Durbin will rock out with Living For The City by Stevie Wonder.  He's got a great voice and he knows how to get his audience involved.

Jennifer -  OMG!  You are serious business up there.  lol
Randy - little rough at the beginning, but he straightened out great.  Loved it!
Steven - voice is incredible, song was perfect, and he nailed it!

Wow!  What a night!!!  I thought they were all great!  There were 2 American Idol contestants I thought felt short, but again, wow!!!

Let's watch tomorrow night when we find out our American Idol Top 10!!!


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