Mar 24, 2011

American Idol results show tonight.  Who will make the top 10?  I'm sure I'll be disappointed tonight.  But we'll see.

I never saw Marc Anthony involved in last week's performances at all.  What did I miss???  I swear I watched the entire show!  But tonight he's all about taking credit for last night's performances.  Whatever...

The top 11 perform Ain't No Mountain High Enough and there's a few shining!!!

OMG!!!!  Stevie Wonder!!!!!  Wow!!!  Never saw that coming!  LOL  Now he's calling out Steven Tyler!  Cause it's his birthday!!!!  Steven is the best!!!

Sugarland performs Stuck Like Glue!  Probably a reason why this is their first performance.  Sorry, no likey.  Very strange.

Lauren - safe!
Pia- safe!
Scotty - safe!
James Durbin - Not safe cause the Hulk showed up!!!
Paul McDonald - again not safe cause the Hulk showed up!!

That was great and totally unexpected.  hahhahhaha  Both boys are safe!  Yes!

Jacob Lusk is safe.
Thia Megia is in the bottom 3, but she's safe!
Stefano Langone is in the bottom 3 and safe!!!
Naima Adedapo is safe.  WTF???
Haley Reinhart is safe.
Casey Abrams is in the bottom 3 and must sing for his life.  He just got the save.  Before he even finished the song.

Ok, I'm not happy.  I'm sorry, Naima should have been in the bottom 3.  She had 1 good performance in weeks and America thinks she's got it?  Whatever.  Not the first time I've been p*ssed.

Jennifer Hudson is singing  Where You At and I know she's been through a lot, but she has pretty much dissed American Idol.  So it's a bit curious why she's here.

Jennifer "explained" why they gave him the save.  Because he had one bad week?  Are you serious?

Well, whatever.  Haley is safe and I really believed her or Naima should have went home.

Now instead of the top 10 going on tour, it's the top 11.

What are your thoughts?  Did "America" get it right?  I don't think so, but I'm in the minority I guess.  See you next week on the American Idol fiasco.  What a joke.


  1. I didn't get to see it (cause I was working an my VCR didn't record), but I found out from my step-mom and online. I definitely think America got it wrong! Casey shouldn't have even been in the bottom 3! I think it should have been Hailey. Check out my latest blog post about the results!




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