Mar 31, 2011

Another American Idol results show!  2 Idol wannabes will be headed home.  But, all 11 will be going on tour, so no worries.

Which 2?  Well, if you watched the show last night, you saw some manipulation going on.  The American Idol judges did a lot of back talking.  Last week, Randy Jackson told Pia to stop doing ballads.  What does she sing?  A ballad, and Randy thought it was perfect.  Huh???

Props to Steven Tyler for trying to call Randy out on that snafu, but Randy wasn't having it.

Then there was Jimmy Lovine behind the scenes "helping" the Idol contestants.  He would tell Stefano or James, are you sure you want to do that?  He would put doubt in their minds.  And when they came out and did great, the judges played on Jimmy's words, furthering the manipulation.

Stefano performed Tiny Dancer, and he was awesome.  So we'll see where he ends up tonight.  He's not my favorite, but he did do a good job last night.

Scotty and Lauren begin the show with I Told You So and they sound so great together!

Jacob and Naima sing next with Solid and it sounded like Jacob was a bit hoarse at first.

Fantasia is performing Collard Greens and Cornbread?

Haley, Thia, and Pia performs Teenage Dream!!  Love this song!!!

Paul, Stefano, Casey, and James perform Band On The Run!  Love this song, too!!!!  lol

Jaimie Foxx and perform Hot Wings off 'Rio'.

American Idol Results!

Scotty McCreery - safe!
Lauren Alaina - safe!
Naima Adedapo -is in the bottom 3 and is leaving!
Jacob Lusk - safe!
Pia Toscano - safe!
Haley Reinhart - safe!
Thia Megia - is in the bottom 3 and is leaving!
Casey Abrams - safe!
Paul McDonald - is in the bottom 3 but safe!
James Durbin - safe!
Stefano Langone -  safe!

We say goodbye to for now.  Remember, all 11 American Idol contestants will be on tour!  See ya!


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