Feb 9, 2008

Even Disney World wants in on the American Idol craze. It looks like Disney World will be creating an American Idol attraction. Guests will compete like they do on American Idol, and the grand prize winner will receive a guaranteed spot for a real American Idol audition. No waiting in long lines for this lucky contestant. You can read details here. Sanjaya Malakar is back! I'm not sure if that is good or bad because I never got the Sanjaya bug, but I'm sure his fans will be happy. He will be the host of the new TV Guide show "Idol Stars: Where Are They Now." They will be updating past contestants and even some fans like Sanjaya's number 1 fan, "The Crying Girl." You can catch this show on Sunday, February 24th, on the TV Guide Network, at 8pm ET/PT. Read all about the new show here. Renaldo Lapuz's 15 minutes of fame continues! You remember him, he sang We're Brothers Forever during his audition, which can be seen here. Now there's been talks of Renaldo possibly getting a recording deal. You can read the details here, or on his website, here. What do you think? Will any of these 3 situations really be a success?


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