Feb 7, 2008

Well, the final auditions for American Idol Season 7 are now over! Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. It seems like they went by awfully fast this year. This final night of auditions was a fun night all in all. I agreed with Simon, Paula, and Randy on some things and totally disagreed with them on other things. The following lists some of the American Idol Golden Ticket holders from last night. Amy Davis had a sad story of growing up lower than middle class, and wants to help her mom and pay her back for everything she has done for her. She sang Blue Bayou, and although all 3 judges put her through to Hollywood, I didn't think she was all that great. Cardin McKinney, oh my gosh, what can I say. She was awful! She sang One Night Only, but she more screamed it than anything. Simon said no, but the other 2 said yes. Must be they need some sure eliminations at the start of Hollywood. JoAnne Borgella is a plus size model, and she is gorgeous. She sang I Love You, and I thought she was pretty good. Simon said no, but she was put through anyway. Alisha Stelzl sang Surrender. What can I say, this was a crazy audition. Randy and Paula said to go learn a Dolly Parton song and come back. So, she left, and came back and sang Islands In The Stream. I felt so bad for her after the first song. She is so cute. It was great when she came back and sang Dolly's song. Simon ate crow!!!! Simon said he was wrong! You've got to see the end of this video, it's great! I don't care if this girl can sing or not, I LOVE HER!!! Chikezie Eze sang All The Woman I Need. He auditioned last year, but Randy wasn't feeling him. He was feeling him this year, because he is going to Hollywood. Danny Noriega sang Proud Mary. Judges like him and sent him on through. I'm not sure if I liked his singing or not. We'll see. Well, the next few didn't make it, thank goodness. Like Joshua Moreland; A.K.A. J Smoove. He sang Beautiful Lady, and as Simon said, it was a bit over the top. He tossed flower petals all over, and it was just corny. Simon asked Ryan to come sweep it up, and that whole part was also a bit uncalled for. The segment on Simon not getting names correct was hilarious though. Now for the ewww, ewww, ewww... Cory and Chris Lane with girlfriend, Ashley Lawing. They called it the love triangle and it was just too creepy. Ashley dated one boy, then dated the other, and now I don't know if they are all dating each other or what. Thank goodness none of them could sing, so we won't have to see them again. Well, 164 received the famous American Idol Golden Ticket on to Hollywood this season, wrapping up Season 7's auditions. Let the competition begin!! So, who is your favorite?


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