Feb 6, 2008

Tuesday's American Idol auditions come from Atlanta, Georgia. The place where such talent as Clay Aiken was discovered, and also Ryan Seacrest's hometown. I thought it was cute that Ryan's mom and dad showed up to say Hi to him, but I also thought it was very odd they only received about 10 seconds of airtime. Come on, people, it's Ryan's parents! Anyway, I loved Simon giving Paula a hard time for not being able to say NO to any of the contestants, even though they did run that a bit too long. Simon was his egotistical self with periods of humanity and sensitivity coming through. It was an entertaining show for me tonight, and here are the lucky golden ticket winners. Josh Jones is the one who works with glass. He sang Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. This was the guy that the Judges were creeped out by his eyes. They were bugging out or something. So, they made him turn around and do his audition. I'm sorry, but I cannot believe they put this guy through. Sorry, Josh! Asiah Epperson has more strength than anyone I have ever met in my life. Her dad was on his way to be with her when she auditioned when he was killed in a car accident. This girl belted out that song brilliantly under terrible circumstances. After the judges put her through, Paula lost it and had to walk off. Understandably so. Brook Helvie is your typical blond, but I liked her. She sang Who's Loving You by the Jackson 5. She is so funny. She got her golden ticket to Hollywood, hugged all the judges, and then Simon said she was the most annoying person he has ever met. LOL Alexandrea Lushington, the 16 year old who sang My Funny Valentine, has an awesome Great Grandmother! She sat with Ryan during the audition, and this woman is pretty darn sharp. I hope she goes to Hollywood, too, because she will make the show interesting I bet. Amanda Overmyer, the Harley riding nurse, sang Mean Woman. Simon made her sing another song, but I still thought she was more screaming than singing. All 3 judges loved her, Simon winked at her, and Paula said she is the female Chris Daughtry. Sorry, I liked her, but I totally disagree. Josiah Leming, the 18 year old who lives in his car, sang To Run, which he wrote himself. I felt for him and his story, but I don't think he will make it very far. Simon was tickled that he sings with a British accent, yet he talks with no accent. No matter, all 3 judges said yes, so he's on his way to Hollywood. There have been quite a few sad stories over the past few weeks on American Idol, and maybe some of those stories have had some influence on the judges, and maybe some have not. Neither here nor there, but the following contestants are going back home. J.P. Tjelmeland auditioned in season 4, and was 2 contestants ahead of Carrie Underwood. He sang Me and My Gang, and he is a music major. Unbelievable! He said that everyone says he will be famous some day. I don't know for what, but it won't be for his singing. Eva Miller sang A Thousand Miles, and I felt so bad for her when she slipped and fell, but honestly, it was a bad audition. Maybe it was the wrong song, or maybe it was her wild dancing, but it wasn't good. At least Simon gave her a hug before they sent her on her way. Nathan Hite, oh what can I say about him? He was the one who Simon called a smarta**, and he was right. He sang Paralyzer, and Simon called it a bedroom audition. I agree with Simon's perception of this kid, and I am so glad he didn't make it through. Well, one more night of auditions are over, thank goodness. Some good, some bad, and some in between. Tonight American Idol is promising they saved the best for last. Bigger, sexier, and goofier auditions. Stay tuned, this sounds good.


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