Jan 31, 2008

The American Idol Judges, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul were in rare form last night for the Miami auditions, weren't they? Wow... Simon started right in on Paula's dress length, telling her the dress was very slutty. At one point, he held up her cup, and asked someone off camera what was in it! I was wondering the same thing from the way she was acting. But, we finally got off to a start; a slow start, but a start non-the-less. A few of the American Idol golden ticket receivers were: Robbie Carrico, the former boy band. Nothing special about this audition except when Simon told Paula to get out. hahahha Ghaleb Emachah was a surprise to me that he made it through. I don't think he was very good at all. Simon said he would like him if he were drunk, and Paula's little tyrade was a bit bizarre. Brittney Wescott was accompanied by Corliss Smith. I love these girls! They are so much fun! Corliss sang Take 5, and she sang it to Randy. Brittney sang My Guy and by the end, the Judges were swaying and clapping. You really have to see this one! Suzanne Toon sang I Can't Make You Love Me and she was pretty good. The Judges said she had a seductive voice. She has a cute daughter, too. Ramiele Malubay was a tiny girl with a very big voice. She sang Natural Woman and really belted it out. Simon voted no, saying she was a good hotel singer. Sayesha Mercado sang Think Freedom. She was pretty good. Randy thought she was the best so far from Florida. That wraps up part of the winners from the Miami auditions. Now for the ewwww-sers... sorry, losers. Richard Valles sang Rascal Flatts God Bless America, and I as well as the Judges thought he sang through his nose. Julie Dubela sang Me and My Bobby McGee. She was in the top 20 on American Juniors when she was 12 years old. Simon called her precocious, and the spoiled brat wouldn't leave after the Judges said no. It is obvious she has never heard that word before. Brandon Black sang a couple of songs for his audition. I'll Make Love To You, which was very, very creepy, and I Am The Next American Idol, which I guess he made up himself. Ryan said this was the worst audition in American Idol history, and I have to agree it's right up there on the list. That's it for Miami, next stop for American Idol Season 7, Atlanta, Georgia.


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