Jan 30, 2008

Well, I don't know what to say about last night's American Idol show. Randy and Simon had to start the auditions without Paula because her flight was delayed. That really wasn't a big deal, but did you see the way Paula was acting? What is up with that? Anyway, another night with few good singers, and more weirdos. First up, the one's who received their golden ticket to Hollywood. Jason Rich had a hard time remembering the lyrics to When You Say Nothing At All, and I cringed most of the time, but when he finally got going, he didn't sound too bad. He's not too bad to look at, either. Angelica Puente has the typical sad story about leaving her parents and living with her Grandmother, but she can actually sing. The judges, however, thought she was trying to mimic The Power Of Love song too much, and she needs to find her own style. Leo Marlowe was the likeable "homecoming queen" according to his mom. He sang A Song For You, and he wasn't too bad. Simon really liked him, and Paula about scared my dogs with her loud touchdown! Rachael Wicker who kicked everyone's butt arm wrestling sang Don't Tell Me To Stop Loving You. She almost sounded like a Dolly Parton. Randy hesitantly said yes, Paula said yes, but Simon said no. David Cook who seems to be everyone's favorite of the night sang Living On A Prayer. He tweaked it to his own style and that very much impressed everyone. After a brief episode between Ryan and the judges Simon, Randy, and Paula, Ryan switched places with Paula. Yeah, I guess ya had to be there. Samantha Sidley sang Don't Know Why, and even though she was very quiet and lacked confidence, she made it through to Hollywood. Then Simon fired Ryan as a Judge. Now for some not so great performances. Ryan even went to bat for the first one listed here, and that is what caused the argument and for him to trade places with Paula. Sarah Whitaker was a professional wrestler under the name Lady Morgue or something along those lines. I have no idea what song she sang, but it was awful. Johnny Escamilla said he is probably the weirdest guy you'll ever meet. He sang Shout and totally ruined it if that is possible. Yes, I'm thinking he is a bit weird. Chris Bernheisel was a bit over the top with his audition to put it mildly. He brought gifts, but that wasn't enough to make it to Hollywood. Only 19 contestants received their golden ticket to Hollywood, and American Idol jets to Miami, Florida for tonight's show.


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