Feb 13, 2008

After hearing auditions in 7 cities, American Idol Season 7 finally makes it to Hollywood! 164 contestants received their golden ticket, and last night we got a glimpse of a few of them. Hollywood week is running a bit different this year than in previous American Idol seasons. Day one and two of Hollywood week, no one will be cut. If the contestants receive a Yes from Simon, Paula, and Randy, they are automatically through to the final cut. If they receive a No, then they come back for a 2nd chance. Some of the gals who made it through to the final cut are: Brooke White the nanny who has never seen an R-rated movie. Amanda Overmyer the rock and roll nurse. Ramiele Malubay the tiny girl with the big voice. Carly Smithson aka Carly Hennessy from Season 5. Kristy Lee Cook the kick boxer, cage fighter gal. Asia'h Epperson the amazing strong one who's dad died before her audition. Syesha Mercado Randy Jackson thought she was the best from Florida. Some of the guys who made it through to the final cut are: David Hernandez originally auditioned in San Diego, CA. Josiah Leming the 18 year old who lived in his car. Danny Noriega smaller guy, yet powerful voice. He sang Proud Mary 1st audition. Michael Johns 28 year old originally from Australia. David Cook likes to tweak songs to his own style, and it works. David Slopes not sure because he hasn't really been shown much. Paul Daniels as with David, above, they just briefly announced their names. David Archuleta the 16 year old who had vocal paralysis. Kyle Ensley please, the wannabe politician. Colton Berry another one I don't know too much about. For pictures of these and more, you can hit the American Idol Gallery HERE. Or search my site for more information and links to earlier auditions. All I can say is, I'm going to get tired of Amanda, the rock and roll nurse, very quickly if she doesn't pick something other than Joplin. Love Joplin, but would like to hear something different once in awhile. I hope Kyle Ensley doesn't end up on the top 24 list. No offense Kyle, but you are better off in politics. Tonight we will find out who made American Idol Season 7's top 24 list. Are we looking at a few of them now? I hope so for some.


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