Feb 14, 2008

Well, we have our top 24 for American Idol Season 7. Last night's show was a bit strange regarding Simon and Paula. Did it look like they reversed roles last night? Paula was actually the "bad guy" while Simon was calm and meek? Not sure, but I thought it was strange. They need to switch back, because it just didn't work for me. Anyway, here are the top 12 gals: Kristy Lee Cook - kick boxer and cage fighter. So, why the whining last night? Amanda Overmyer - Harley riding nurse, who has one style of singing so far. Alaina Whitaker - 16 year old from Tulsa, OK. Like her, but she isn't unique. Kady Malloy - the one who sounds more like Britney Spears than Britney! Ramiele Malubay - Simon said she was a good hotel singer after her 1st audition. Carly Smithson - disqualified because of Visa paperwork in Season 5. Brooke White - nanny to twin girls. She really annoys me. Syesha Mercado - no laryngitis was going to stop her! Amy Davis - 25 year old, wants to pay her mom back. I don't think she'll go far. Asia'h Epperson - very strong 19 year old. She made her dad proud. JoAnna Borgella - the gorgeous plus size model. Alexandrea Lushington - 16 year old. I loved her Great Grandmother at her 1st audition. And the guys: Chikezie Eze - Randy must still be "feeling him" this year. Danny Norriega - a little too girly for me. Jason Castro - 20 year old from Texas, not sure who he is. David Cook - 25 year old, also from Tulsa, OK. David Hernandez - 24 year old from Arizona, did he even get air time? Luke Menard - 29 year old from Indiana. Who are some of these people? David Archuleta - 16 year old, had vocal paralysis not too long ago. Garrett Haley - 17 year old from Ohio. No idea who he is either. Michael Johns - 28 year old originally from Australia. Robbie Carrico - former boy bander. Colton Berry - 17 year old from Virginia. Jason Yeager - 28 year old from Texas. I agree with most of the decisions, but I guess they have to have a few weak links to get eliminated early. I am glad Asia'h made it, I think she is talented. Although I like Kristy Cook, she sure was a whiny butt last night. And thank goodness Kyle the politician didn't make it to the top 24, but where is Simon's head? Simon said he didn't "get" this decision? Hello, Simon, he's not that great of a singer! That wraps up American Idol Season 7 Top 24 list, so let the games begin!


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