May 1, 2013

American Idol contestants Candice, Amber, Kree, Angie

It's the American Idol top 4!  Again!  Candice, Amber, Angie, and Kree take the Idol stage tonight!

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Harry Connick Jr is in the house!!!

A surprising twist on American Idol results last week, because the Idol judges didn't use their save this season, keeping all 4 Idol contestants in the running.

The voting that took place last week will count towards this week.  Candice and Amber were in the bottom 2, so if they're your favorites, you need to vote!!!

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American Idol contestant Angie

Angie Miller  - 18 years old
From Beverly, MA
She calls her fans Dreamers.
at&t Text 5701
Online at
American Idol App

Angie will sing Diamonds She tells Harry she is doing a very different version.  Back at the piano.  So far so good.  I don't see much of a different version here.  I still hear her straining and screaming when she sings.  

Keith - I love that song.  I commend you for doing your own version, but you didn't just let go with it.
Nicki - this seemed different from any other of your piano performances.  Your heart wasn't in it.  It was bland and lackluster.
Randy - great song.  The song doesn't support changing arrangements.  I do like the leather shorts.
Mariah - you were playing to the camera more than getting lost in the moment.


Angie chose Someone to Watch Over Me.  Harry thinks it's the perfect song choice.  She put a lick in one of her notes and he didn't like it.  It's a very slow song and it seems she's singing even slower.  Yawn.

Keith -   asked why did she pick that song.  Her mom always used to sing it to her.  Very old song, but you did sing it beautifully.
Nicki -   you put me in the mind of a Disney Princess.  I can see you on Broadway.
Randy -   I did not love the arrangement in the middle.  It was confusing.  This girl can sing.
Mariah - my mom is in the house.  Some moments were beautiful.  Then she takes a jab at Nicki.

Idol contestant Amber
Amber Holcomb18 years old
From Houston Texas
She calls her fans Underdogs.
at&t Text 5702
Online at
American Idol App

Amber chose Just Give Me a Reason.  Harry thinks she's a sweet girl.  I agree!  She has such an incredible voice and she's always so bubbly.  She always hits every note and she doesn't sound like she's straining at all.  Incredible.

Keith -   I love the clarity and the bell in your voice time and time again.  Fantastic.
Nicki -   I wasn't very connected to this performance.
Randy -   the video footage was better because you were carefree and fun.
Mariah - we need to see that confident Amber.


Amber chose My Funny Valentine.  Again.  I really don't care for repeat performances.  It usually shows us nothing different.  Harry helped her figure out what the song meant.  He was impressed how she handled his critiquing.  I think it worked.  She's connecting with the song.  Standing O from the judges!

Keith -   your performance was stellar!
Nicki - that was so beautiful.  Great job!
Randy -   you made a believer out of a lot of people tonight.  Unbelievable!  Be proud!  Stellar!
Mariah - tonight that spirit was there bigger and better before.

American Idol wannabe Candice Glover Candice Glover 23 years old
From St. Helena Island, SC
She calls her fans Candi Canes.
at&t Text 5703
Online at
American Idol App

Candice will perform When I Was Your Man.  Love Bruno Mars!!  Harry feels Candice will be successful.  I love how rich and soulful her voice is, it's incredible.  It really feels like she's telling a story with this song.  Awesome!

Keith -   you can sing when I was your giraffe, it doesn't matter.  That was a winning performance!
Nicki -   the performance deserved a standing O!  So they did!  You gave me everything!
Randy - if you can sing, you can sing anything!  That's how you sing a song!  Amazing!
Mariah - Agrees with Randy. 


Candice will perform You've Changed.  Harry tells her to just sing it.  And singing it she is!  Candice is smokin' tonight!  Another standing O!!

Keith -   your power and your control was just beautiful.  Great performance.
Nicki -   I'm not going to add anything else.  Ryan come out.
Randy -   Candice is in it to win it!  She brought everything she needed!  Amazing!
Mariah - There is no critiquing.  I'm going to download that asap.

Idol wannabe Kree Harrison performs

Kree Harrison22 yrs old
From Nashville, TN
She calls her fans Kreepers.
at&t Text 5704
Online at
American Idol App

Kree chose See You Again, for the 2nd time on the Idol stage.  Harry says to not change a note.  I'm never impressed when the Idol contestants sing a song more than once.  Especially since nothing changed from the first time.

Keith -   I didn't connect at all.  It was a power ballad, and you were sitting with a guitarist, so I couldn't connect.
Nicki -   I loved my Kreedom performance.  You sang with your eyes.
Randy -   you got an amazing voice.  That was a great vocal.
Mariah - you were very connected at the beginning of the song. 


Kree will perform Stormy Weather.  Harry wants her to drop the licks and sing it naturally.  What is it with all the older songs?  Yuck!  I'm not connecting with this performance at all.  She doesn't believe in the song.

Keith -   I would have chosen a different song.
Nicki -   I wish you would have paid more attention to song choice.
Randy -   you were disconnected with the song, the audience, us...
Mariah - I was interested in the song choice.  It's been used over and over.  Wrong song choice.

Amber, Kree, Candice and Angie will perform Wings after the break. Whoo Hoo, I'm lovin' this song!!  They are so awesome together!

Which American Idol soared?  Who fell flat?  And which American Idol wannabe will leave us tomorrow?  Vote below!


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