Apr 25, 2013

American Idols Amber, Candice, Angie, Kree

Ryan Seacrest hinted on last night's American Idol episode  that there will be a surprising twist to tonight's results show.

That's just a fancy way of telling America that they didn't plan their weeks properly, so now they have to fill a week before the finale.

One good thing about tonight's results show is we get to see American Idol winner of season 9, Lee Dewyze, and also Stefano Langone!!!

So, let's get on with the show!

The Idol 4 are performing Girl On Fire, by Alicia Keys.

Now we're playing the 5 things in 20 seconds game.  The Idols have to name 5 things no one knows about them in 20 seconds:

Angie:  hates the color pink, lives in heals all the time, loves to eat olives like popcorn.
Candice:  loves spongebob squarepants, can't sleep without socks, loves Drake, loves purple.
Kree:  been bitten by a snake, loves rap, I suck.  lol
Amber:  likes showers not baths, likes 90° weather, on a drill team, neon green is favorite color, she has her septum pierced.

Stefano is performing his new song, Yes to Love, and he is as cute as ever!!!  And I love this song! 

Drake came out to surprise Candice, which got all the Idols excited!  LOL

Lee DeWyze is back on the Idol stage singing Silver Lining. It's good to see Lee again, even if I didn't really care for his song.

American Idol winner Lee Dewyze

Not quite sure what happened to my camera, but Lee is not performing in fire.  lol

American Idol Results!

Kree is safe!
Candice is in the bottom 2!  No one leaves tonight!
Amber is in the bottom 2! No one leaves tonight!
Angie is safe!

Everyone is safe because the judges didn't use their save.  Really?

Well, were you surprised?  Was it the twist you expected?  Seriously, can American Idol shock us anymore?

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