Apr 25, 2013

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During last night's American Idol show, Ryan Seacrest stated there will be a surprising twist to the Idol results show tonight.

It's probably not going to be that surprising to the Idol fans, however.

There have been so many dumb changes this year, we've come to expect idiotic moves from the American Idol producers.

  • For instance, gaining a 4th judge was pointless.  Having 4 Idol judges only wastes time.  Time we could use to learn more about the American Idol contestants.
  • Changing the rule so Idol producers were in charge of putting the groups together during Hollywood week.  This move was nothing more than making sure the Idol Gods were in control of the Idol crown.  For me, American Idol lost credibility with that move.

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Which brings us to tonight. 

American Idol's finale is scheduled for May 15th, which is 3 weeks away.  We have 4 Idol contestants left.

Now, if the judges use their save tonight, we have a slight problem.  American Idol will have 2 options at this point.  Either allow 2 girls to be cut next week, or have 3 contestants in the finale.

But Ryan said it will be a "surprising twist."  There's nothing surprising or twisty about cutting 2 Idol contestants.  They've done it before.

So does that mean we will have 3 girls in the finale?

What are your thoughts?  Does American Idol keep making idiotic moves in order to try and save a dying show?  Let me know in the comments!


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