Apr 24, 2013

Idols Candice, Amber, Kree, Angie

It's the American Idol top 4!  Candice, Amber, Angie, and Kree take the Idol stage tonight!

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American Idol contestant Amber Holcomb
Amber Holcomb – 18 years old
From Houston Texas

She calls her fans Underdogs.

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Amber chose Power of Love, and she is doing fantastic!!!  I would love to see her in the top 2.  She has such a personality, along with a great voice!  Standing O from the Idol judges!

Keith -   that was an amazingly perfect song choice.  The range was crazy and effortless.
Nicki -   you are looking like a big sexy glass of milk right now.  That song was made for you.
Randy -   you are the contestant with the most growth.  That was so on point.  You are ready!
Mariah - perfect song choice.  You gave flavor to a classic song.


Amber chose MacArthur Park.  This is not a good song choice for her.  She is kicking this song's butt!  Awesome performance!!

Keith -   it's like Summer has set in for you.  You are dominating tonight!!
Nicki -   you're like a blooming flower.  You're the one I want to get to know.
Randy -   she's in it to win it!!  Crystal clear high notes is crazy!
Mariah - there's an inner glow from you tonight.

American Idol contestant Candice Glover performsCandice Glover – 23 years old
From St. Helena Island, SC

She calls her fans Candi Canes.

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Candice will perform Find Your Love which I'm not familiar with, but it's Candice.  Great as ever!  It's a little slow and boring though.

Keith -   I love what you did with the song.
Nicki -   your voice is amazing, but I wish you would have stuck to the melody.
Randy -   vocals are crazy good, but it can't always sound like you're in church.
Mariah - you can sing anything.


Candice will perform Emotion.  Love me some Bee Gees!!!  Fantastic song, fantastic voice, but no wow moment.  These girls need wow moments now!

Keith -   every song choice matters.  It was breezy, lovely nice, but no big moment.
Nicki -   I was groovin' to it with you.  You're a super hero.
Randy -   you took your time with it, you had a nice run at the end, crazy vocals.
Mariah - you are a super duper, super star.

American Idol contestant Kree Harrison performs

Kree Harrison – 22 years old
From Nashville, TN

She calls her fans Kreepers.

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Kree chose It Hurt So Bad.  She has a good voice, but she is still so stiff on stage it's hard to watch.  She just dipped way off key. 

Keith -   you gotta pour your heart out in these performances, and you didn't tonight.
Nicki -   that performance is not going to give you what you need for next week.  That was not a top 4 performance.
Randy -  I don't think it was your best vocal.  Parts of it were disconnected.
Mariah - I did feel you on certain parts.

Kree will perform A Whiter Shade of Pale.  Kree is just not doing it for me tonight.  She sounds off key, not sure of herself...  I don't know what it is.

Keith -   we're so close to the end.  Every decision is important.  Pick a song that you can come out on or bring us in.
Nicki -   love that performance.  I think you'll be in the bottom 2 tomorrow.
Randy -   you can flat out sing.
Mariah - I have no words

American Idol contestant Angie Miller
Angie Miller  - 18 years old
From Beverly, MA

She calls her fans Dreamers.

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Angie will sing Who U R back at the piano.  She's got a great voice, but when she gets into a song, she almost sounds like she's screaming and straining.

Keith -   you got more carefree and looser, and that was fantastic.
Nicki -   there's no one that compares to you when you are at the piano.
Randy -   you made me believe that was an Angie performance.  Perfection!
Mariah - the caliber of that performance was beyond.


Angie chose Cry Me a River.  An oldie, but she did a good job with it.  Awesome vocals.

Keith -  celestial powerful.
Nicki -   you snatching wigs!  ?  Tonight was your night.
Randy -   the best of the night.
Mariah - beautiful, elegant.

Amber and Kree perform the first duet.  Rumor Has It by Adele is their song choice.  I'm not liking this performance.  They just don't sound good together.  Separately, Amber is leading.

Angie and Candice will perform Stay.  They were great!  Standing O from the Idol judges!

Which one soared?  Which American Idol Contestant will leave?  Will the American Idol judges use their save?  Let me know in the comments!


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