Apr 18, 2013

former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken
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American Idol Results!  Who's safe?  Who leaves?  Skip below to find out!

The Idol 5 are going on a scavenger hunt in their Ford Fiesta's looking for clues who the surprise guest is.  It's Matthew Morrison!!!

Chit chatting about last night's performances, just to eat some time.  Until...

Ryan and Candice were chatting about her performances.  Jimmy sort of dissed her song by Paula Abdul, when low and behold, Paula walks out on stage!  Whoo Hoo, Paula!!

After long overdue hugs, Ryan put her in the judges seat.  Ryan said he can now scratch that image off his bucket list.  :)

Clay Aiken is back on the American Idol stage performing Bridge Over Troubled Water fantastically. 

Fantasia is back on stage singing Lose to Win and I never understood how she came out the winner.  Nothing against her personally, but I just don't get it.

American Idol Results!

Candice is safe!
Kree is in the bottom 2, but safe!
Amber is safe!
Angie is safe!
Janelle is in the bottom 2 and must sing for the save!

Did the American Idol judges do the right thing?  Should they have used their save for Janelle?  Who do you think they will use their save for?

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