Apr 27, 2013

American Idol judges Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj

Let's face it, American Idol has gone downhill.  I blame this decline on Simon Cowell's departure.

He was honest, sometimes brutally honest, yet he really gave the Idol wannabes sound advice.

The judges for the past 2 years have not only refrained from giving good, honest advice, but they to some extent, mock the Idol wannabes.  It's time for a clean sweep.

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So, who would you choose to sit at the American Idol judges table?

I feel having 4 Idol judges is overkill and a waste of time.  The producers should go back to basics, and stick with 3 judges.

American Idol judges Steve Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson

To make it interesting, one of the 3 should have a sense of humor and bring excitement to the show to some extent.

Steven Tyler fit the bill for humor and excitement, but he didn't live up to the good, honest advice giving an American Idol judge requires.

Jennifer Lopez gave sound advice, but she could be too emotional and wish washy.

Nicki Minaj offers very honest advice, but maybe too technical for the average American Idol fan.

Mariah Carey is too full of herself and her accomplishments to really care for the Idol wannabes.

Randy Jackson has outstayed his welcome.  What does "Yo, dog, you're in it to win it" have anything to do with judging?

Which brings me back to the question, who would be on your ideal American Idol Judges panel?

Sir Elton John would be an excellent American Idol judge in my opinion.  He is one of the most successful artists who's not afraid to speak his mind.  I feel he is also compassionate.

Phil Collins would be another asset to the Idol judge panel.  He's also extremely talented and compassionate.

Reba McEntire would round out the table, bringing some Country background into the mix.

What are your thoughts?  Could Elton John, Phil Collins, and Reba McEntire bring life to the dying American Idol show?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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