Feb 21, 2013

Randy Jackson and JDA
Randy Jackson enjoying JDA's performance.

American Idol is in Las Vegas and the boys take the stage.

5 guys will make it to the live shows; 5 will leave tonight.

American Idol Paul Jolley
Paul Jolley is sitting on a stool singing a slower Keith Urban song.  He is a little hottie with a voice to match!  He's the Idol wannabe that lost his Grampa and he's doing this for him.

Keith - huge honor for you to do one of my songs.  You've got a really great voice, and don't underestimate the power in your voice.  You have a lot to offer.
Nicki - this one didn't wow me over like your other performances.  Voice is definitely there.
Randy - very risky doing a Keith Urban song.  You have the power to sing any genre. 
Mariah - first part of the song, it was like an intimate moment.

American Idol Johnny Keyser
Johnny Keyser is next.  He's also singing a rather slow song.  His voice sounded weak in the beginning, but it's getting stronger now.  He's got a great voice.  Very personable.

Keith - that was good!  It was effortless. 
Nicki - came out really relaxed and you look real sexy tonight.  Do you have a girlfriend?  lol   He doesn't.
Randy - it felt like just an ok performance.  No wow moments for me.  Too safe.
Mariah -  love your commitment to music.  You are bringing us that masculinity.  You're worthy to be around.

JDA is up.  He is so strange, but he is so much fun to watch!!!

Keith -  you're right at home on that stage.  Commend you for putting on a show.  I applaud your originality. 
Nicki - work it, girl.  You are a superstar performer.  You give us a show every single time.  You were feeling the warmth of the audience.  Vocals weren't good today.
Randy -  you were so keyed in on the performance, that's why the vocals suffered.  You should think about the vocals, too.
Mariah - you were so confident, you weren't wavering vocally.  I liked the vocal.

Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris  is performing.  What is it with all the slow songs tonight?  Goodness!  He's got an incredible voice, but I need someone to come out and wow us!

Keith - love that song!  Good song choice.  Your range is crazy!  Tonight was very good.
Nicki - every single choice you made tonight was perfection.  Great song choice, you were in so much control, I loved everything about it.
Randy - I was bored.  I felt it was karaoke.  I wasn't blown out at all.  I didn't love it.
Mariah - you've been one of my favorites from the beginning.  I would have liked you singing a different song.  Something that would show what you can do.

Chris Watson
Chris Watson is up after the commercial.  A little catchier, singing "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and he's really commanding that stage!  Voice is a little weak, but his performing is strong.

Keith -  American Idol is a connection competition.  The voice wasn't the best, but you have so much confidence and connected to the audience so well, you have a lot going for you.
Nicki - you are the prettiest man I've seen in my life.  I want to marry your vibrato.  It gets me.  I'm obsessed with you.
Randy -  I love you, I love your look, but I'm waiting for someone to show me something.  That song didn't give me enough.  I was bored.
Mariah -  I was surprised by your choice of song.  Your beautiful face, your connection with the audience was great, but vocally it wasn't as great.

Devin Velez
Devin Velez is on stage now.  Yeah, another slow song.  I'm not sure if I like his voice or not.  I don't like the song.  Singing half English with some Spanish thrown in there.

Keith -  you made a connection with me just with your voice.  I saw Devin tonight.
Nicki - you did an amazing job singing, and throwing some Spanish in there shows you are very marketable.
Randy -  I love you.  I thought it was amazing.  You took your time with it, it was a great arrangement, big props to you.
Mariah - it looked like you were critiquing yourself at the end.  Don't do it!  Loved that you threw in some Spanish.

Elijah Liu
Elijah Liu takes the stage.  Keeping with the rest, another slow song.  His voice isn't very strong.  He couldn't hit the high notes at the end.

Keith -  perfect song choice, but a very shaky performance tonight.  You look like a pop star, that's what I like about you.
Nicki - you are a super-dooper-star.  I want to have your babies.  You're 18, you're sexy, you're my new favorite boy.  I would sign you today.
Randy -  this was not a great vocal, but I know you're capable of it.  We like you.  You're all swagged out with your look.
Mariah - I like the powerful mid-range and I like the control when you went into your softer voice.  You're extremely marketable.

Charlie Askew
Charlie Askew is up after the break.  He's the socially inept Idol contestant.  "Rocket Man" is his song choice and I really love his voice!  He was doing great until the end when he started jumping around.  But I still really like this kid.

Keith -  it's like if Freddie Mercury had a love-child out of Woodstock.  Tackling that song I thought WTH are you doing?  But you pulled it off.
Nicki - your awkwardness excites me.  It's fresh, it's crazy.  I want to cradle you in my arms, you remind me of my little brother.
Randy -  everybody loves your originality.  It was a bit stage-schooled for me.  I like you...
Mariah -  I live for the song choice.  You have a really unique style.  It was fantastic.

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith is singing a Country song of course.  He has a beautiful voice.  He doesn't have your "typical" Country voice and I think that's why I like it so much.

Keith -  it's really hard to critique someone who is singing your song.  You did a great job tonight.  Thank you.
Nicki - I was bored.
Randy -  a little bit boring for me. 
Mariah - there's a quality about you that's really great.  I don't think this was your best vocal, but I still think there's something about you that America should see.

Curtis Finch, JrCurtis Finch, Jr. is up and he has such an amazing voice!  Very rich and deep.  And he really connects with his audience, too!  His very different spin on "Superstar" is perfect!

Keith -  is bowing.  I feel thoroughly cleansed from my skins.  That was really beautiful.  Your voice is beautiful.  I want to hear more of it.
Nicki - you raise the bar every time you take the stage.  You are ready.  It's your time.
Randy -  you are one of the best singers in this competition.  Make sure you keep it young if you move forward in the competition.
Mariah - it moved me to tears.  You can loosen up your tie and relax a little bit, because your voice is who you are.

American Idol Results!

Curtis Finch, Jr. is safe!
Jimmy Smith is going home.
Kevin Harris is going home.
Elijah is safe!
JDA is going home.
Paul is safe!
Chris Watson is going home.
Charlie Askew is safe!
Devin is safe!
Johnny is going home.

Ok, not happy with the American Idol judges right now.  How could they possibly let Johnny go?  Seriously?  I like Charlie, but if I had to choose, I would have kept Johnny.

That's another crazy American Idol results show.  What do you think?  Did the Idol Gods choose wisely?


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