Feb 21, 2013

It's an American Idol sudden death round!

The girls get one song, one chance to prove their worthy.  Half will be leaving.  This could get interesting!

Ooo, we're at the Mirage.  Spiffy!

American Idol Jenny Beth
Jenny Beth is up first.  Never heard the song, but I love her dress!  LOL  She's entertaining, that's for sure!  Great voice, too!

Keith - mixed feelings.  Not the best song for you, but love your confidence.
Nicki - I liked your voice, but you didn't come alive until the end.
Randy - it felt all a little jerky.  You didn't get in sync rythmically with the band.
Mariah - very nice performance.  You can be more dynamic in the verses.

American Idol Teena Torres
Teena Torres came out and the first thing she said was how she attended the Mariah camp.  Can she really ride this out?  She's nasally, she's off key, but I'm sure the judges will see it differently.  Yup.   

Keith - beautiful.  You mostly had control.
Nicki -  you're scaring me.  You have control over the song.
Randy - this is the start of the night.  Really?  Ugh.  Jenny was better.
Mariah - this was all you.  You gave every bit of your emotion.

Adriana Latonio is up and she is so awesome!!!  I hope the Idol judges agree!

Keith  - now the night has started!  Agree, Keith!!!
Nicki - "little tiny thing but commands the stage the minute she walks out" is what Nicki wrote when Adriana first came out.
Randy - this girl is born to do it.  This girl is a pro.
Mariah - I was really proud of you.  Really nice.  A+.

American Idol Brandy
Brandy is up.  She's more concerned with what she looks like than how she's performing.  She's singing a sad song and she's smiling.  I don't get it.

Keith - Your voice is really good, but my only issue is an emotional connection inconsistancy.  Yes.
Nicki - stay out of my head, Keith.  She agrees with Keith.
Randy - I have to echo the guys.  It didn't tell me enough of who you are and what kind of artist you want to be.
Mariah - I just saw a beautiful person who sang a song.  You look like you're presenting yourself tonight.  WTH?

American Idol Schuba Vedula
Schuba Vedula is up and I not only love her name, but she's from my home state of Michigan!  "Born This Way" is her song choice and she's amazing!!

Keith - it was confusing cause there were so many things going on, but I love your voice.
Nicki - so much going on...  something was very confusing.
Randy - unbelievable talent, but way too many runs.  The potential in you is amazing.  I'm impressed.
Mariah - agrees with Randy.

American Idol Kamaria
Kamaria Ousley is up and she's weak.  She's rushing the song.  This is not a good performance.  Let's see what the judges say.

Keith - I don't know if that was a great song for you.  No emotional connection.
Nicki - Love your outfit.  Didn't recognize your throaty thing.  It didn't work.
Randy - you were in a different pitch.  All over the place.  Definitely your worst performance.
Mariah - you're very adorable.  Not the right song choice.  Can you critique please?

American Idol Kree
Kree Harrison is up next.  A Country twang to it and slow, but her voice is amazing!  Very strong!

Keith -   stood up!  You are such a natural born singer!
Nicki - the other girls should be afraid.  You make love to the song.  Something about you is so sexy when you sing.
Randy - here is another natural born singer.
Mariah - you're lost in the song and that's a beautiful thing to watch.

American Idol Angela
Angela  is on.  She's like the whole package.  She looks like an Idol, she has a great voice and she can entertain!

Keith - you have a huge talent.  You have a beautiful voice.
Nicki - comparing her to her original performance.  Don't force anything.
Randy - you're definitely one of my favorites in the whole competition.
Mariah - your potential is limitless.  Talking about her original song again.

American Idol Isabelle
Isabelle is up.  I really love her voice.  I hope she really performs tonight.  She's a bit insecure of her weight.  Growing up was difficult.  But if she can get her confidence, she'll soar!  Her voice is awesome!

Keith - for all the guys who didn't ask you out,
Nicki - she's looking like a diva tonight!  I'm proud of you!
Randy - you got a big voice and a lot of talent, but it was old fashioned.
Mariah - your vocal could have been over any song.  Your heart is what's selling you.

American Idol Amber
Amber is singing "My Sweet Valentine" and she is incredible!!  Keith is all hunched over enjoying this!  Good sign!

Keith - that's such great technically and making it look so easy..  you made it timeless.  You knocked it out of the park, baby!
Nicki - you come out of your shell.  That vocal was A+++, but I'm wondering if that shine is going to shine out in TV.
Randy - you have to believe it if anyone else is going to believe it.  Your vocal was amazing.
Mariah - you have to know how brilliant that performance was.  Loved her interpretation of that song.

American Idol Results!

Jenny is out of the competition.
Brandy is out as well.
Teena is staying in the competition.
Kree is staying in the competition.
Isabelle is out.
Angela is staying in the competition.
Kamaria is out of the competition.
Amber is staying in the competition.
Schuba is out of the competition.
Adriana is staying in the competition.

Teena was nasally and off-key.  She's in because she went to Mariah's camp.  I would have liked to see either Isabelle or Schuba stay.

And here we thought the American Idol voting is rigged, when in fact it's the judges controlling the path. 


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