Feb 22, 2013

Nicki and Mariah

I've read so many comments on this year's American Idol Judges I want to get your opinion.

It seems the majority dislike Nicki Minaj as a judge, in favor of Mariah Carey.

All I've read however, is how no one "likes" Nicki.  They don't like her as a person and/or a singer.  Ok, to each his own.

But how does that figure in to her role as an American Idol judge?

On the flip side, the majority likes Mariah Carey.  Again I ask, how does that figure in to her role as an American Idol judge?

If American Idol fans can step back and really critique the judges instead of "liking" one over the other, I think they would have a different opinion.

Ask yourself, who is more honest?  Who is giving the most constructive criticism?  Who doesn't shy away from a bad critique?

Honestly, that would be Nicki.  I wasn't a fan of Nicki's before American Idol, but I am a fan as her role on the judges panel.

Mariah is weak.  Almost like a Paula Abdul weak, but at least Paula was honest when she felt the need.

Do I favor Nicki Minaj over Mariah Carey?  Yes.  As an American Idol judge, yes.  Do you?

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