Feb 14, 2013

After the girls perform their solo rounds, it's another American Idol Results, and we will finally learn the top 20 guys and gals!

47 gals remain to fight for those spots.  They can chose a song off the list or do an original.

American Idol Angela Miller
Angela Miller chose to do an original song she wrote.  Wow!!!  And that's what the judges said throughout this performance.  A standing ovation from all 4 Idol judges.

Keith said if that was recorded, I would play that in my car.  That was a beautiful song!

Nicki didn't think she was in our top brains before today's performance, but that's all gone.  You did amazing.

American Idol Candice Glover

Candice Glover chose "Girl on Fire" and she's knocking it out of the park.  I really like her!

Keith said you took it and did your own thing with it and it sounded incredible.  Well done.

American Idol Janelle

Janelle was awesome, too!  Nicki said she is a Country superstar!!  No more words needed as they know she's got massive talent.  lol

Sorry for the blurry pic, but she was movin'!   :)

American Idol Joanette

Joanette is a bit hyper and now Ryan says things are going to get interesting.  She had a song all ready to go, but she kept hearing a beat in her head.  She said she went on the drums and winged it.  So let's see.

Ok, the picture really shows the performance.  She was wild, she lost her drum stick, she yelled at the band...  but she was awesome!

Angela, Janelle, Zoanette, Candice, and Jet are all through!

American Idol Schubha Vedula

Schubha Vedula gives a very strong performance.  Hits those high notes like Mariah.

Of course Mariah was impressed, because she sang one of her songs.

American Idol Juliana

Juliana Chahayed also performs strong.  Not too much discussion though. 

American Idol Kez Ban
Kez Ban is up now, and she is going to perform an original song.  Big risk.

Well, she sang all of maybe 4 lines.  It was off-key and just not good.  The judges let her go.

She said she didn't know why she was cut, but it's obvious to the rest of us.

American Idol Ashlee

Ashlee says she's not feeling well.  Hopefully well enough.  Randy says it wasn't a bold song choice.

And he is disappointed how down-beat the last performances have been.

American Idol Melinda

Melinda  comes on strong.  Everyone is dancing in their seat!  Including Ryan!  LOL

She really got into her performance as you can see by her pic.

Keith says she has a good light about her.  Good energy!

American Idol Kree Harrison
Kree Harrison lost both parents by the time she was 19.  Why didn't we hear this sad story before now?

Keith is rubbing his arms.  Apparently she gave him goosebumps.  You go, Kree!!

Nicki says she became a star in front of her.  Of course Mariah had to one up her.  Come on.  No judge drama, please!!!

Lauren, Kree, Melinda, are all going through.  No Ashlee or Briana.  Booo!!!

24 American Idol wannabe girls are back on stage.  3 were cut and Randy wants 2 girls to sing with the band.  What?

American Idol Stephanie Shimmel

Stephanie Shimmel was asked to sing again.  The judges thought her performance today was lacking.

This is her final chance to sing for her life.  The judges are nodding.  A good sign?  Yes, they're clapping.

American Idol Rachel Hale

Rachel Hale is the next one who must sing for her life.  This is the happiest contestant!  She did good, too.

Judges were silent.  Not a good sign.

What?  Stephanie was sent home.  Are you serious?

Now the guys get cut.  8 of them will leave.  UGH!  They've waited all week.

American Idol Adam Sanders

Adam Sanders is the first to come to the stage to sing.  He instructed the band what note and Keith and Mariah were impressed with that.

He comes out strong, so let's see!

American Idol Josh Holiday

Josh Holiday sings next.  He also instructs the band.  He is more controlled and passionate than Adam, but we'll see.

The judges are clapping.  Oops, he just split his pants!  hahhahaha

Peter Garrett, Marvin, Devyn Jones, Kenny Harrison, Will White, Tony Foster, David Leathers, and Adam Sanders are cut.

The American Idol wannabes are off to Las Vegas and a live studio audience!  What do you think about tonight's cuts?  Let me know.


  1. Judges flubbed it . . . Rachel Hale should have gone home and they should have kept Stephanie Shimmel.

  2. I totally agree! And what about Joanette? She barely sang her song because she was too busy yelling at the band and dropping her drum stick.




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