Feb 17, 2013

American Idol Matt Rogers
photo courtesy of mylifetime.com

Matt Rogers was on season 3 of American Idol.

He was the big football player with an awesome voice.  Well, I thought so, but he only made it to 11th place.

After American Idol, Matt's singing career really never made any headway, but he's been having a lot of luck in television.

On a side note, Matt's mother died in 2004, and a year later he got married.

He's hosted Really Big Things in 2007-2008, There Goes the Neighborhood" 2009, and Coming Home in 2011.

Since August 2012, Matt Rogers is hosting Beat The Chefs on the Game Network.

Matt may not have had huge success with his singing career after American Idol, but he's doing pretty darn good!


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