Feb 13, 2013

It's another American Idol Hollywood Week, but this time it's the girl's turn!

Get ready for the fastest performances and decisions ever!  But no fear, we'll find out who all makes it through tomorrow night.

Also tomorrow night, more guys will be cut.  Tons of girls will be cut tonight because there are more guys than girls.

Mariah Pulice

Mariah Pulice starts off the night, and although we only hear a few lines, she sounds good.

Hmm, the judges didn't think so.

Angela Miller

Angela Miller is up next and she is also a very strong contender!

Randy is oooing and ahhhing in the background.  LOL

Victoria Acosta

Victoria Acosta is up.  She auditioned in English, but the Idol Judges weren't impressed.

So Randy had her sing in Spanish, and she made it right through.

Angela and Victoria make it through.  Mariah is going home.

Ann Defani, Sarah Restuccio, and Ashley Smith are also all sent home.

Rachel Hale

Rachel Hale is our Country crooner.

Randy Jackson said during her first audition that she gets the happy award.



Jennel Arthur is our other Country gal.

 Both girls did a great job, although I liked Jennel a tad better.

Jennel and Rachel both make it through!

Candice Glover

Candice Glover received a standing ovation at her audition.

She belted out another great performance tonight!

Megan MIller

Megan Miller was on crutches during her audition, as she was in a car accident a few days before auditions.  She went straight to surgery after that audition.

She did great today, so I hope she makes it through.

Candice made it through.  Megan Miller did not.  :(


Isabelle is from New York, but I'm not really remembering her.

 She chose "Summertime" but it wasn't a very strong performance.

Kez is a very strange creature.  She looks, acts, and dresses like a guy.  She even has a very deep voice.

She didn't fair well at all in her performance, as she has a cold.

Briana Oakley

Briana Oakley our very talented 16 year old is performing now.

It is so hard to believe she's only 16.

She seems to be handling the stress of Hollywood Week, too!

Isabelle, Kez and Briana all make it through!

Hollywood Group Night!

Only 76 American Idol wannabes are left after the first cuts.

The Swaggets are up first.  This group includes Kamaria Ousley, Candice Glover, Denise Jackson, and Melinda Ademi.  They did perfect!  Best harmony ever!  Of course the judges put all of them through!

Raisin' Cane are up next.  I missed the names in this group, and I didn't recognize any of them.  The song sounds like a Country song, but I'm not even sure.  LOL  Nicki thought it was a mighty fine job.  Hmm, Randy Jackson seems to be missing from the judges table.  They all make it through.

Almost famous includes Daysia Hall.  They were awful.  They were trying to harmonize, they sounded off-key, and it was just a mess.  Daysia made it through, but it was close.

The Dramatics are up next and they are FAR from dramatic.  At least impressive kind of dramatic.  Tons of drama though, like always.  Cristabel, Kriss Mincey and Janel were part of the group.  They forgot the words to the song.  Big mistake.  Nicki gives them a standing ovation.  What?  Keith Urban about had a cat!  Somehow, they all made it through.

Pooh Snaps?  Erin Christine, Zoanette Johnson, Lauren Bettes, and Isabelle is in this group.  They're singing "Knock on Wood" and Zoanette is pretty much screaming the song.  Oh, we welcome Randy Jackson back to the table.  Lauren Bettes goes home, the rest make it through.

Courtney, Liz Bills, Alisha, Shira make up this next group.  They had problems with Liz.  More drama.  They're doing an awful job.  No one is on key.  Liz is the only one that makes it.  The rest go home and boy what a shocker!  Shira came back out on stage and asked for an explanation of why she was cut.  Bottom line, she stunk.

Stephanie Shimmel, Alex Delaney, Kalli Therinae, and Holly Miller are singing "Somebody I Used to Know".  Holly was the only one who knew the words to the song.  Probably because they changed the song at the last minute.  Stephanie and Holly make it through to the next round.  Alex and Kalli get to go home.

They show a few groups writing the song lyrics on their hands and it's totally obvious while singing.  They didn't even try to hide it!

The Dolly Chicks are up and 3 of them pulled an all nighter.  Britnee Kellogg, Kree Harrison, Brandy Neelly, and Haley Davis make up this group.  Haley was the one who bailed last night and she's reading the lyrics off her hand.  Nicki scolds her for not being prepared and it was disrespectful to stare at her hand and the rest of the girls during the performance.  Brandy Neelly did not make it.  She's headed home.

The Misfits are the last group.  Named specifically for Kez Ban I'm sure.  She bailed on rehearsal twice, telling everyone to suck it, hacking up loogies...  it was disgusting.  Breanna Steer, Angela Miller, and Janelle Arthur make up the rest of the group.  The judges are clapping, that's a good sign.  Nicki called them perfection.  They all make it to the next round.

I'm very surprised at some of these decisions.  Are you?  Meet me back here tomorrow night for another American Idol recap.  The girls perform solo and we learn the top 20 guys and girls. 


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