Jan 24, 2013

We're in Louisiana for tonight's American Idol auditions!

 Megan Miller is first up.  She was in an accident and needs surgery, so she's off to the hospital after her audition.  She has a great voice!  She is going to Hollywood!!!  And Ryan says her surgery was a success!  Awesome!

Charlie Askew says he's socially inept.  He has a hard time communicating until he found music.  I don't think he's the next American Idol but he can really sing.  The judges loved him.  He's going through!

Maddie Assel was nominated by her Grandmother to be on American Idol.  She was shocked!  lol  She can really sing, too!  All 4 judges loved her!  Off to Hollywood!  And her Grandmother is a hoot and a half!  Hahaha

We sit through some excruciatingly bad, bad auditions.  I think my ears are bleeding.  lol

Paul Jolley has a funny name, but he's a little cutie!  And he's nice and polite.  And he can sing!!!  The judges really liked him!  He is off to Hollywood!

Dr. Calvin Peters is a residence physician wanting to sing!  The Idol judges aren't really saying much, but in the end, they are sending him to Hollywood!

They zip Michelle, Brandy, and another through to Hollywood very quickly!  From the 5 seconds I heard, they sounded great.

Dustin Watts is a firefighter who sings Country.  He's got a great voice.  All the judges loved him.  He's off to Hollywood!

Burnell Taylor ends the auditions.  And he's fabulous!  Standing ovation from the judges!  That never happens during auditions.  Mariah is crying; she really felt that song.  Nicki said this is what we came for.  Randy and Keith both said he has a killer voice.  See his audition below.

Ok, that ends another round of American Idol auditions.  Did anyone stand out tonight?


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