Jan 23, 2013

Another round of American Idol auditions.  So far, not very entertaining.

I just want to say to the 2 that read my blog, I don't have the best pictures or access to videos, but I really love American Idol and I'm glad you're here.

We start with TMZ reporting on the feud between Mariah and Nicki.  Isn't this old news?  Really, American Idol Gods... enough.

Naomi is letting it all hang out.  Think it will do any good?  Nope.  She's screaming "Respect"...  Eww!  She's not through.

OMG, Mariah is being a spoiled little B'!  Online comments think Nicki is the one to start the trouble.  Not so!!!

Joe is up and he's pretty strange!  He thought it would be a good idea to lay down for his audition.  Really?

Brian has a sad story.  The wife had a large tumor.  She loves Keith Urban.  Long story short, Brian is through!!!

Jimmy Smith is up and he's great!!  Country boy!  The Judges love him!  He's through!

Several others make it through.  I guess we have to wait until Hollywood Week to find out.

Matthew is up and the American Idol judges..  well, Randy and Mariah started laughing before he began.  B.S.  I really love how Nicki is sympathetic with these contestants.

Isabelle is up because her aunt nominated her.  I don't think she's that great, but the American Idol judges love her.  So what do I know?  And who's the guy behind her?

 Taisha is up and she's in a band.  She wants to be a rock and roll singer, yet she sings a Johnny Cash song.  Hmmm...  Mariah and Randy are all sorts of cushy.  They both said no.  Nicki and Keith said yes.  Keith was the deciding factor and Keith said yes!!!

Summer is up and she's confused, but she has a good voice. She doesn't really know what genre she wants to do.  All the judges picked her apart and Nicki called them out on it.  Good for her!  They did!

I'm so sick of Randy Jackson kissing Mariah's ass.  She's the problem, but everyone is dissing on Nicki.  She's the only real one here.   UGH!!

Brandy is up and she's so personable.  And she can sing!  She's through!  She's upset when she left and said please don't fight.  It makes her sad.

Ashley is very strange.  She has nose piercings or something.  Looks like maggots coming out of her nose.  LOL  The judges loved her!

Jennell rocked the judges socks off!  Keith was jumping in his chair!!!

Lots of very bad auditions.  I'm guessing we are going to see the best for last.  LOL

Rodney is up and I love him!  He's been homeless and he's paying it forward.  Such a good soul.  The judges send him through!!!  Awesome!!!

Ja'Bria loves frog legs.  She hunts them.  She's pretty awesome!  The American Idol judges send her through!

Brad can't sing at all.  The judges agree.  Bye-Bye.  He asked for a hand shake and didn't get it.  Really judges?

Seretha has had a bad year.  She's here with her daughter and her dad is not doing so great.  He doesn't know she's here.  I hope she makes it far.  The baby loves Nicki and has brought her a pillow.  How awesome!

Well, that's another American Idol fiasco.  Can Randy Jackson suck up to Mariah Carey any more?

I almost can't wait until next year when they get rid of Mariah.  Everyone hates Nicki, but at least she's real.  Anyway, see you next week for another American Idol show!

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