Jan 17, 2013

American Idol auditions day 2 in Chicago!  Will it be about the contestants tonight or the American Idol judges feud?

Mackenzie Wasner is first and she's awesome!  Love her voice!!!  And of course she is the whole package.  All 4 judges said Yes!!

Kiara Lanier sang for President Obama.  She was good.  I didn't feel any WOW factor, but the judges did.  She's off to Hollywood!

Gabe Brown came out screaming.  Mariah asked him to sing something more mellow.  He tried, but started screaming again.  OMG.  They're sending him through.  Cannot believe they turned down last night's contestants.  UGH.

Isabelle Parell has an awesome voice!!  She sang a duet that she asked Keith sing with her.  That was cool.  She's only 15 years old!  She's off to Hollywood!!

Griffin Peterson is a little hottie, although my pic doesn't do him justice.  I had to juggle between Randy, Nicki, and Mariah arguing over him.  He had a great voice.  Randy is on crack.  LOL

Curtis Finch, Jr is very personable.  Hopefully he can sing.  Oh, yeah he can!!!  Mmm, got all the judges moving.  He's through!

Mariah Pulice is battling anorexia.  Music has kept her alive.  I'm pulling for this girl.   The judges really felt that song.  She's going to Hollywood!!!!

Brandy Neely has had a hard life.  She has a powerful voice.  But she's kind of screaming.  I hope the judges like her.  Hmmm...  So far they do!!!  She's through!!!

A few more were ushered through pretty fast.

 Clifton Duffin never let his parents hear him sing.  They heard him tonight!  They and the judges loved him!!   He's good enough for Hollywood!!!

Johnny Keyser auditioned last year.  I didn't think he got any better.  Keith liked him.  Randy liked him.  Of course the girls are fighting.  Mariah thinks he's a star.  Really???  He's going through.  Really?

Kez Ban is ridiculous.  She doesn't want to win.  She doesn't even know why she's here's probably already left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.  She has me.  Gawd,e.  She's got a good voice, but sh the judges are swooning over her.  She's through.

Hmmm, a rendition of the uglies!!!  Oh, it hurts!  LOL  I was wondering where all the bad auditions were.  Hahaha

Lazaro Arbos from Cuba.  He has a severe stuttering problem.  He's so handsome.  I feel bad for him yet so good because he's here despite his stuttering.  I so hope he can sing.  He needs this!!  Dang, he's another Mel Tillis!!!  Awesome!!!  He's going to Hollywood!!!  Yes!!!

Wow, how awesome was that?  We end American Idol on such a high note!!!


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