Jan 16, 2013

It's the American Idol Season 12 Premiere!  Are you looking forward to the bad auditions?  Or the feud between American Idol Judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj?

One thing is for sure.  Ryan Seacrest will always be the American Idol Host.  According to Nigel, Ryan is American Idol.

We begin with a performance by American Idol Season 11 winner, Phillip Phillips!  I absolutely love this song!!!  Home has become my new favorite song of the week. lol

Well, 20 seconds of the song, anyway.  Sheesh, way to get me all excited guys.

We're in New York!  Let's begin!

So far the feuding is tied.  Both diva's, and I use that term loosely, have thrown out an equal amount of digs.

Although Mariah has won the annoying factor hands down!!!  And of course my camera dies.  UGH!

Tenna Torres sounds very promising.  She's all excited because she went to Camp Mariah.  She's through to Hollywood!

Christina "Isabella" is belting out a song!  Holy smokes!

Evan Ruggiero was an aspiring dancer until he lost his leg to cancer.  He's not the best singer, but he's okay.  Until he started playing his guitar.  He's awesome!!!  The Judges said no!  WTH?

Jessica is up.  Her mom nominated her to sing in front of the Judges.  She wasn't ready.  The Judges say she needs more work.

Shira from Israel is off to Hollywood.  I didn't think she was great, but Nicki sure did!


Frankie Ford is an awesome kid.  He can sing, too!  He's off to Hollywood!

After several really bad auditions, we now hear from Sarah Restuccio, a good ole Country Girl.  Singing a Carrie Underwood song.  She's pretty good.  She's through!

Angela Miller is partially deaf in both ears, but the girl can sing!  She's Hollywood bound!

 Gerpreet matches his turban to his outfit.  He is a hoot and a half!!!  He's not that bad of a singer, either.  His nickname is the Turbanator.  He's through!  Keith had reservations, but the remaining judges put him through.

We end with a bang.  I've got to make sure the camera is charged tomorrow for more American Idol auditions!


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