Jan 30, 2013

American Idol is in San Antonio, TX.

Vincent Powell 29, is up first.  He's in love with Mariah.  The judges are ooohing and aaaahing.  That's a good sign.  Last year he made it to Hollywood Week.  Let's see how far he makes it this year because he's going to Hollywood!

Derek and Dave are 2nd up.  They were terrible.  The Idol judges told them so and all they did was argue.  Granted, that's what you guys want to do, but you were told no, so buh-bye.

Savannah Votion 24, auditions now.  She has a 5 year old daughter.  Adorable!  She has a great voice!  A natural!  And the judges think so, too!  She's going to Hollywood!

Cristabel Clack 29, singing an Alicia Keys song and she is great!!!  Very nice voice.  Mariah says she's a real singer.  Randy loves her.  She's through!!!

Ann Difani 23, was nominated by her husband.  I do like her and her voice, but I didn't feel she was very strong.  Maybe she's just nervous.  The American Idol judges loved her.  She's going to Hollywood!

Victoria Acosta 20 and joined a mariachi group.  She's singing a Fergie song and I'm not sure if I liked it.  Randy has her sing mariachi and I liked that much better!  Randy says she connected with that song better.  She's got the golden ticket!

We sit through some agonizing auditions.  Screaming, screeching, yelling...  it was very painful.  LOL

Papa Peachez is up and he got his nickname by working in a homeless shelter.  He says he's a big black woman trapped in a white boy's body.  LOL  He's also a dancer.  I'm not sure if he's confident or cocky.  He sang his own song.  Nicki loved him.  Randy is the tiebreaker.  Only Nicki and Mariah said yes.  Randy changes his vote and sends him to Hollywood!

Sanni M'Mairura auditions with a Michael Jackson song and I really like this kid!!!   He can sing and he's very personable!  The judges really, really like him!  He's off to Hollywood!!!

Adam Sanders is 19 and very mushy!  J/K, he just cries a lot.  LOL  Wow!  I didn't expect such a strong voice from him!  Holy cow!  Standing ovation from the judges!!  He's got that golden ticket!!!

American Idol is on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

Schuba Vadula is first up and I really like her voice, but she looks so stiff.  Mariah is stuck in traffic and Nicki has a prior commitment, so it's just Randy and Keith.  The boys send her through!

Brian Martinez 21, is up and nervous!  A producer heard him in the bathroom and told him to audition for American Idol.  Poor kid.  He's not good.  Nope, not through.

Matt Farmer served overseas and was hit with an IED.  The medication he was on was suppose to make him sterile, but he's auditioning with his 3 year old little girl.  My gosh he's got a great voice!!!!  The judges say he has strong pipes and he does!!!  He's going to Hollywood!!

Jesaiah Baer is up, but her audition was interrupted by lights and sirens.  Fire on the ship!  Everyone must evacuate!  Run!  LOL  Ok, smoke in one of the restaurants.  After all that, she has a great voice!  She's a real entertainer, too!  Keith loved it within seconds of her starting.  Welcome to Hollywood!

Ryan Seacrest takes us on a tour of the haunted ship.  I think he scared himself.  Hahahha

We sit through more excruciating auditions.  I did like the added effect of the ghosts auditioning with them.  LOL

Micah Johnson got his tonsils removed and the doctor hit some nerves, so now he has a speech impediment.  Holy smokes!  You can't even tell there's anything wrong with his speech!!!  Keith was singing right along with him.  He got a golden ticket!  Awesome!

Kimberly Rachel Hale goes by her middle name, Rachel.  She's very confident.  She has a strong voice, but she has to be careful about screaming.  The Idol judges loved her...  she's through to Hollywood!

Briana Oakley 16, was bullied in school.  She would eat her lunch in the bathroom or with teachers because she didn't feel safe.  It got so bad she had to change schools.  She has an amazing voice!  Judges were impressed!  Off to Hollywood!

Matheus Fernandez 21, ends the auditions.  He's very short, but the doctors found nothing wrong with him...  he's just short.  But, he's had challenges because of this.  Very nice audition!  He's crying and he brought Mariah to tears.  He is going to Hollywood!!!

Hit me up tomorrow where we head to Oklahoma for more American Idol auditions!


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