Jan 31, 2013

American Idol is in Oklahoma City.  Will our next American Idol be found tonight?  Carrie Underwood was discovered here!  :)

Karl Skinner is up first.  He started screaming at first.  Then he picked up his guitar and was much better.  But will the Idol judges like him?  Yes!  He's through to Hollywood.  Shocker!

Hmmmm, we sit through  a ton of really bad auditions.  Funny, but excruciating at the same time.  LOL

Nate Tao  is up.  He signs because both of his parents are deaf.  They really don't support him.  Let's see if we support him.  Yes!!  He's awesome!

Halie Hilburn is up and she's a ventriloquist.  Awkward!  If you're serious in becoming a singer?  Why would you bring your puppet?  No one will take you seriously.  Good Lord, she's doing a duet with Oscar.  Ok, singing without the puppet.  Better.  The Idol judges told her to ditch Oscar.  Good call!  Randy said no, but the other 3 said yes, so she's off to Hollywood.

Zoanette Johnson is up and hyper!!!  Singing the National Anthem.  Really?  Ok, this is so not good.  The judges are laughing.  That's never a good sign.  She said she would sing this if Obama won.  No, not good.  Idol judges?  Now she's pissed because Obama didn't invite her to the White House?  Judges said Yes?  Are you serious?  WTH just happened?

Anastasia Freeman is crying before she goes in.  Why?  We may never know.  Well, we know now.  She can't sing.  Oh, this isn't good.  The judges are trying to hold back their laughter.  She asked if they were laughing at her and they said no.  Liars!  Randy asked who told her to audition and she said God told her to.  Judges are squirming.  They all said NO.  Shocker?  Nope.

Kayden Stephenson is up.  He's 16.  He looks 12.  He has Cystic Fibrosis.  He was diagnosed at 16 months.  It's a terminal illness.  He doesn't expect to live past 35.  So he had to come here to fulfill his dream.  I didn't think he was a natural, but the judges send him through.

Steven Tyler comes in as Pepper!!!  Love him!!!  His chest squeaks and his skirt is a little short, but he is sooo awesome!!!!  Flashed the booty on his way out.  Love him again!!!

Next week, American Idol goes to Hollywood!  See you there!


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