May 22, 2012

Who will win American Idol?

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez are our American Idol finalists.

Phillip is pretty popular and Jessica has some pipes.  This will be a close race!

I am secretly hoping Jessica takes the American Idol crown, but really, both Phillip and Jessica will have great careers!

Simon Fuller Choice:

Jessica performing I Have Nothing. A Whitney Houston song! Go Jessica!!!  Sounds great.  Looks a little nervous though.  lol  I would be, too.

Phillip is singing Stand By Me. Great song choices!!! Seems like he slowed it down quite a bit.  Seems to be working for him, though.

Randy -  round 1 went to Jessica!!!
Jennifer - how do you compare the two?  They're opposites.  America has a tough job.
Steven - aww, Steven didn't get to talk.  LOL

Jason Derulo performs Undefeated.

American Idol Contestant's Choice:

Jessica will sing The Prayer. Not too familiar with the song, but man is she good!!!  Those high notes give me the chills!!!

Phillip will perform Movin' Out again.  He's hoping this repeat will clinch the votes.  I wish he would have done something different.

Randy - both even round 2, dead heat.
Jennifer - Phillip took round 2.
Steven - Jessica took round 2.

Singles the American Idol wannabes will release if they win:

Jessica will sing Change Nothing.  She's sitting on the piano.  It's a slower song.  Nice.  Probably won't get the crowd pumped though.

Randy - didn't love the song, but loved what you did with the song.
Jennifer - thought you sang the song really well.
Steven - we know how good you can sing, doesn't matter we didn't like the song.

Phillip will perform Home.  He looks a little stiff.  Playing his guitar.  I really don't care for this song either.  Who writes these songs?  Standing O from the Judges.

Randy -  I loved the song, I loved you, everything about that was perfect.
Jennifer -  so different and moving.
Steven -  you have made the World your home.

That's it folks!  Who will win American Idol?  Vote now!!!

Jessica's numbers - 1-866-436-5701, -03, -05, -07

Phillip's numbers - 1-866-436-5702, -04, -06, -08

Scotty McCreery ends the show with Please Remember Me! Love this song!!!


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