May 16, 2012

American Idol Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, and Joshua Ledet

Tonight we watch the American Idol top 3 battle it out!  Who will win?  I'm hoping Jessica, but all 3 American Idol wannabes are great!

American Idol Judges Song Choice:

Joshua Ledet is singing I'd Rather Go BlindJoshua Ledet performs I'd Rather Go Blind, I'm not familiar with the song, but it really fits Joshua.  Soulful and bluesy, and he's doing an excellent job!

He's also sitting in the sweet spot!  The other 2 better come out smokin'!!!  And the Judges are on their feet!

Randy - you are such a classic stylist; this fit you like a glove.
Jennifer - you always bring down the house!
Steven - another Joshua moment.  So surreal.

Jessica Sanchez will sing My AllJessica Sanchez performs My All. I'm not very familiar with this Mariah Carey song.  The audience is screaming!  They like it!  It's slower, but Jessica is doing a great job.

Randy -  that was absolutely beautiful!  Excellent!
Jennifer -  you did this so beautifully.  Hard song, but you did it!
Steven -  when you sing, people hang on your every note.  Get used to encores!!!

Phillip Phillip will perform Beggin', another unfamiliar song. lol  Same old Phillip, growling with his guitar.  lol  J'Lo is dancing in her seat.  No wow factor, though.

Randy -  we were just at the Phillip Phillips concert.  In the zone.
Jennifer -  you are very funny.  You had to mess with the melody.  lol
Steven -  can you believe this guy?  Audience is roaring!

American Idol Contestants Song Choice:

Joshua is on a plane (he hates planes) for his hometown visit.  He said they are acting like he's Barack Obama.  LOL  

Aww, Josh is taking us to church.  Nice!!!  He asked his little niece to ride with him in the parade.  How awesome is that?  :)

Performing at a very packed coliseum!!!

Joshua Ledet chose Imagine. Finally a song I know!!! lol  An awesome John Lennon song, and Josh is doing it justice! 

Randy everything you sing should touch you, like this song did.
Jennifer -  beautiful, beautiful thing.  You dig deep!
Steven -  that was beautiful.  Another Thank you, God moment.

Jessica heads home now.  She's taking a helicopter, and she's a bit nervous!  LOL  

She also packed an arena!  You go, girl!

She took her brothers in the parade.  How sweet.  :) 

Jessica Sanchez will perform I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. Now this Aerosmith song I love!!!!  Giving me goosies, Jessica!!!  Standing O from Steven!!!

Randy you delivered!!!  Yo!!
Jennifer you do not know what a big deal that is, Steven never says that when someone sings his song.  lol
Steven you just took a great song and made it greater!!!

Phillip heads home!  First stop is the Pawn Shop where he worked.  Hahahaha, Dad is packing heat.  LOL  Aww, they're both getting teary eyed.

Phillip chose mom and dad to ride with him in the parade.  :)

Another huge crowd for his concert!

Phillip Phillips will sing Disease. Geez, not familiar with this song, either. lol  I guess he's doing justice to the song.  He's sitting down playing his guitar.  Bongos and sax join him on stage.  No wow again, though.

Randy I didn't like it.  It was a subdued moment.  It was just ok.
Jennifer didn't feel like it was a wow performance that we need right now.
Steven wasn't over the top, but it was good.

Jimmy Iovine Song Choice:

Joshua Ledet will sing No More Drama.  I don't like the song, but Joshua is making the best of it.  Threw his jacket off and is delivering this song!!!

Randy you have laid everything on this stage.  People should stand up and vote for you.
Jennifer you have the perfect marriage of knowing exactly what you're doing, but letting loose, too.
Steven you made Jennifer go off on that.  Over the top!

Jessica Sanchez will perform I'll Be There. Perfect! Love this song!  Doin' it justice, Jessica!!!  Miss Michael!!!  Great performance, but no wow here.  Very powerful voice!

Randy -  liked it ok.  Didn't love it. 
Jennifer -  great song choice.  Killed it.  It was crazy!
Steven -  perfect song; perfect voice.

Phillip Phillips will sing We've Got Tonight. Love, love, love Seger!!!  He's acting really nervous without his guitar.  He keeps rubbing his leg, and he's sitting very stiff on that chair.  Standing O from the Judges!

Randy -  perfect song.  Best performance ever!  That was a moment!
Jennifer -  20 million girls wish you were singing that to them!
Steven -   that was beautiful.  Bleeped him.  hahaha  You got passion!

We're almost at the end of the American Idol journey.  Who will win?  And which American Idol wannabe leaves us tomorrow?  Vote now!


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