May 15, 2012

American Idol

News Corp COO Chase Carey says American Idol needs some fresh energy.

The only real change last season was hiring Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as new American Idol judges.

Chase Carey is tight lipped about any changes, but I and a few others are not.

1.  Some say American Idol should condense or get rid of the auditions entirely.

I disagree.  There are a lot of people who watch the auditions and nothing else.

American Idol could condense them I suppose.  Maybe 1 week of 2 hour shows, or 2 weeks of 1 hour shows.

2Hollywood Week is pretty boring.  That entire deal should be overhauled.

Send less American Idol wannabes so we can actually follow them without the camera switching scenes every 2 seconds.

Or, have the judges or producers put the groups together.  Watching that fiasco is very boring.

3.  Make the American Idol judges DO THEIR JOB!  Judge!

Judge: a person qualified to pass a critical judgment! 
Randy, Steven, and worse yet, Jennifer candy coat everything.

They are rarely critical, and they are doing nothing for the show or the American Idol wannabes.

4.  Limit the voting!!!  866 numbers are great for people who cannot make long distance phone calls.

Text votes only if you are an AT&T customer, limits a lot of people.  Open up the text voting to everyone.

Facebook offers voting, but only if you “allow” that service.  A lot of folks won’t.

Offer Twitter voting.  Another avenue that might get more versatile votes.

BUT!  Limit the voting to 2 or 3 max!  American Idol has to get away from the tweenies voting for the entire 2 hours straight!

By allowing unlimited voting, it makes it more of a popularity contest than a singing contest.

5.  2 Hour shows when there’s only a handful left is ridiculous.  Trim it down to an hour or a 90 minute show.

Instead of the American Idol wannabes doing 2 or 3 songs, have them do 1 full performance.  Let them sing an entire song, with their revisions.

This is a short list, but if American Idol did these 5 things, it would help.


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